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Friday, July 31 2020

BuzzFeed is Now Casting: Military School Students (current or former)

They are looking to cast former or current military school students who are willing to share the worst, most horrifying, and HILARIOUS things that have happened to them during military school.

This is a paid opportunity. Nonunion. Shoots remotely. Applicants must be 18+ and can be located anywhere in the US.


Friday, July 31 2020

Production Company post - NOW CASTING! 

Currently casting critical freethinkers who have dedicated their lives to getting the truth behind a mystery, question or theory that many would consider a conspiracy. 

Have you been seeking answers to your questions and feel like you are on the brink of a major break through? Do you have proof your theory is correct? Have you uncovered subliminal messages, hidden codes, or government coverups? Are you ready to finally share the truth with the world!  


Friday, July 31 2020

We are now accepting VIDEO SUBMISSIONS for the feature film, "Calltime", which will be filmed in Pennsylvania this August.  

Most roles are paid roles. 

Lia - Hispanic female with purple hair, nose ring - Casting age 20-25

Young Martha - Caucasian Female 20-25

Derek - Caucasian Male, Pretty Boy, Athletic Build - Casting Age 20-25

Niko- Caucasian Male, long blonde hair, muscular- Casting Age 20-25

Sean- Caucasian Male, Conspirator 35-45 years old

Abigail- Caucasian female, Modest attire approx 24 yrs old

Reporter - male/female, any ethnicity 25 and older

Camera Man - Male, any ethnicity 25 and older

Phillip - AA Male, Actor / Casting age 25-35

Sandra- Caucasian Female, Ex wife to Ethan / Casting age 30-35

Sam -any ethnicity, chubby build, glasses / Casting age  25 - 35

Ally - bi-racial child / girl 7-10yrs old to play Ethan’s daughter

Jenny- female, casting age 30-40, any ethnicity, plays film producer

Martha - Caucasian, elderly female casting age 65-75 

Ethan - AA Male, Casting Age 30-35, the Director 


Friday, July 31 2020


Project Description: Late 70's in Atlanta and the presence of a child serial killer threatens an 8-year-old girl's innocence leaving her desperate to get back to the place she once couldn't wait to leave, home.

Type of Project: Short Film

Status: Non-Union

Location: Savannah (Must work as local Hire)

Dates: July 2020 (Pending COVID)

Paid: Yes - Low Budget

Approx 125 day 

All castings and call backs will be virtual

Summer (AA | Female | plays 7-9 - Lead) 

Michael (AA | Male | plays 13-15 - Principal ) 

Mack (AA | Male | plays 30-50 - Principal ) 

Adele (AA | Female | plays 35-40 - Principal )


Friday, July 31 2020


A major cable network is looking for contestants for a potential new show where aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs get a chance to bring their most off-the-wall ideas to life.

Do you have a wild or offbeat, original invention, product, or business concept, but need help bringing it to market? Maybe you already have a product you sell on Etsy, eBay, etc., but lack the resources to expand? We can help! Our show’s producers are looking for fun, interesting people with quirky ideas that just might be crazy enough to work. And if your idea comes out on top, you could win startup cash to take your new business to the next level!

Whether you’re looking for a new career path, need a side hustle, or just have a knack for innovation, THEY WANT TO HELP BRING YOUR CRAZY IDEA TO LIFE!


Friday, July 31 2020

Actors for a B Horror Movie

Location: Nationwide

Type: Film

Production is casting a B-Movie horror comedy about an overly attractive female who pretends to have different personalities so that she can commit different crime for her own enjoyment. Eventually she starts to be haunted by the same personalities she pretends to have.

Liz – Female – 18 to 30 – Liz is your typical attractive girl that only cares about her looks. She is really intelligent and uses her wits to get away with crimes because most people think she is too pretty and dumb to commit a crime.

Angela –Female 18 to 25 – She is one of the three aspects of Liz’s mind that manifest into an actual person. She is a huge nerd; she loves comic books and D & D.

Kurt – 30s male -A detective that isn’t falling for all of Liz’s tricks and thing she is a mastermind behind all of the recent crimes in the area.

Michelle – Mid 20s, Female – A rookie cop that is the only that believes that Kurt my actually be right about Liz

Please attach a resume and a full body shot to email.

Pay will be discussed through email.

Payment: Paid


Friday, July 31 2020

NBC's 'The Wall' Virtual Casting Call for the 2020 / 2021 Seasons

NBC's 'The Wall' Virtual Casting Call for the 2020 / 2021 Seasons

Casting Description:

NBC’s The Wall is now in their 2020-2021 season and they are taking online applications for the next one.

The show features ordinary folks that battle it out with trivia questions and a 40 foot wall. At stake are millions of dollars and the quest requires more than trivia.
The show casts pairs of contestants who have personal relationships prior… such as siblings, spouses, friends and offers them a chance at a huge amount of life changing cash… if, they can overcome the challenges as a team.


Friday, July 31 2020


The Producers of FACE OFF have teamed up with SNAPCHAT for a new illusion and 3D makeup competition series.

You could see your art turned into an awesome Snapchat Lens!

If you are a talented illusion or 3D makeup artist and think you have what it takes to win - we want to meet you.

Must be at least 18 years old.


Friday, July 31 2020


Calling all garden and outdoor DIY lovers across America. A major cable network is giving you the opportunity to get one on one advice from a LIVING LEGEND for a new home improvement show.  


Friday, July 31 2020


Big Rig Experts, Comedians, TV Hosts who know how to give colorful sports style "play-by-play" to HOST a new major cable TV  network show. 
There is pay.  


Friday, July 31 2020

Emmy Award winning production company is looking for Asian American families for a new series on a premium streaming network.

If you feel that you turn the cultural stereotype of Asian parenting on its head, and aren’t afraid to showcase it on TV :) they want to hear from you!
Email or click submit for more details. 


Friday, July 31 2020

Lionsgate is now looking for background actors

  • HEELS, a Lionsgate-Starz tv series, is accepting resumes/headshots for Extras/Background performers.
  • Please submit headshot, resume, reel, location, contact to Casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 31 2020

“LOOM” Short Film – Raleigh, NC

Logline: A girl’s growing insecurities are tested after coming in contact with a box television that seems to have a consciousness.


The objectives of an insecure girl and a white box television are interwoven in this psychological thriller about self-discovery and the cosmic insignificance of our everyday problems.

Another closing shift at the antique store… After work, Meg has a date with Shawn, a quirky dude she met last week. Their first date was fun, but she totally impulse agreed to go out again and now she’s on the fence about committing to it. Feelings of insecurity, boredom, and unease have made tonight weird for Meg already, but things only get weirder when she finds a white box television that never seems to stay in one place.

Compensation: Copy, IMDB Credit, Food on set, Payment (agent will negotiate per role)


MEG (Lead Role): Age Range (20 – 25)
Meg struggles with self doubt and insecurities about who she is and what people think. This constant battle with her inner-self is Meg’s biggest flaw… Last week she went on a date with Shawn and impulse agreed to set up a second date. Though getting out of her comfort zone gave her the sense of fulfillment she was seeking, now that the high has died down she’s on the fence about going again. Tonight that changes though. It’ll be good for her to go out again… maybe it will help her figure out what she wants?

SHAWN (Supporting Role): Age Range (20 – 25)
Shawn’s an honest guy. He’s straight forward with his feelings, and he wishes most people would share this mentality. He took Meg on a date the other week and the two clicked immediately. She’s all he’s been thinking about, and he was ecstatic when she asked HIM to hang out again.

What’s weird is that now that it’s gotten closer to their second date… she’s seeming flaky. Time to play it cool and make her feel comfortable.

RODE: Age Range (20 – 25)
Shawn’s roommate who doesn’t know as much about the female psyche as he thinks.

GAS STATION LADY: Age Range (40-60)
A crabby employee who could care less about the insignificant problems of young people.

General Info:

– Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com with head shots, resume, and a demo reel if available. Based on the actor’s interests, sides for each role will be provided. Please specify who you are interested in auditioning for in the email.

– We are currently only accepting video auditions.

– No shooting dates currently established.

– Filming will take place in various locations across NC.


Thursday, July 30 2020

Currently casting for student short film:

Lynchburg, VA


LEAD ROLE: Asian Female, age 23-29 (preferably Japanese)

SUPPORTING ROLE: Asian Female, age 50-70 (preferably Japanese)

SUPPORTING ROLE: Male, age 23-29

SUPPORTING ROLE: Male, age 40-50

Dramatic/Darker monologues are preferred. Bonus points if you can make yourself cry!


Monday, July 20 2020

Architect of the Capitol shoot

Location Washington D.C.

Production is creating a 40-minute, internal video for the Architect of the Capitol. This video will serve as a resource for employees to reference if they need more information about the offices on campus, what they do, and what kinds of situations to use them for. 

The video will feature 6 different speakers to touch on each office on campus. Each speaker will walk through what the office does, how an employee utilizes their resources, and contact information. 

Casting to fill the following role: 


The focal point of the video. These speakers are representatives of each office on the AOC campus and should be comfortable delivering a message on camera. These speakers should feel authentic, human, and easy to connect with. 

Characteristics:  Authentic, Relatable, Dynamic, likeable personality, Can memorize a script, Comfortable on camera

Age Range: mid-30s and up 

Race: Any ethnicity

Sex: Male or Female

General Talent Requirements  
Must be comfortable being on camera, and ‘performing’ in front of a number of people.
Schedule flexibility 

Filming is TBD - aiming for end of July/early August

Talent MUST have modern, business professional clothes



July 23 & 24th OR July 30th & 31st


Monday, July 20 2020

Production company: Ortega Productions

Shoot dates: July 26th-30th

Compensation: Daily rate, food, and IMDB credit
Shooting location: Raleigh NC

Movie Synopsis: A young man is responsible for the suffering of his mother and takes on a huge level of guilt towards it. Which causes him to go down a bad downward spiral, but his conflicted because he knows he has to try to make things right. After multiple attempts he finds out his love for his mother isn’t mutual.

Character Description “Vanessa” : An Hispanic/Caucasian/ Arab women, Age 28-38,

She was raised to be a very traditional women to be a good wife and a mother. She loves her son but she’s very resentful towards because his responsible for the death of her husband. And has a very hard time coping causes her to go down a very dark path.


Monday, July 20 2020


Casting the following roles for our short film entitled "Clover":

- Clover (lead): Female, 14

- Hank (lead): Male, 40s

- Peppers (lead): Male, late 30s

- Mrs. Frankie (U5): Female, 70s

All roles will be paid SAG minimum. Both SAG and non-SAG actors are encouraged to submit. Shoot dates are currently TBD, but likely sometime in July 


Saturday, July 18 2020

Global Healthcare Company campaign:

Producers are looking for Pharmacists, Food Delivery Drivers and Community Organisers / Volunteers all over the US and the UK. 

Paid for whoever is cast. 


Wednesday, July 15 2020

Production seeking couples ages 60+ for a show pilot. 
Couples will be filmed via Zoom/Skype so you must have access to either Zoom or Skype. 
The show is about interviewing major Hip Hop artists so any hosting experience is a plus but not necessary :) 

This is a paid opportunity and if pilot is picked up talent will be potentially used for the rest of the season. Non- Union.

They are looking for authentic couples 


Wednesday, July 15 2020

Play the lead character in the book trailer for ‘Escaping Ordinary’, the new book in the Talespinners series, written by Scott Reintgen and published by Random House, coming in September 2020. The book trailer for the previous book in this series can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38vgInEhbz8

Male between the ages of 11-15. Caucasian (white). Must have red hair similar to the book cover image seen in this casting call.

This role includes 1 day of filming on location and a voiceover recording. Please send a voice recording sample so that we can hear examples of your voice.

Filming will take place in late July or early August in Raleigh or Durham North Carolina. Preference will be given to local actors, though we are open to actors from all regions.

Compensation: $300


408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Suite 100
Knoxville, TN 37923