Talent Castings



Tuesday, April 14 2020

Paid Opportunity: 

Production is casting real people for internal corporate videos. The videos will not be public use and are research for the company. The details are below:

Dates: April 14-17th (Will just be needed for one day)

Casting Specs: 
African-American, Male or Female, Ages 18-39

Must own and be interested in durable, outdoor apparel.

Bonus if you wear any type of uniform to work.

Interview Information:

Step One: A quick 5-10 min phone interview with me to discuss basics.

Step Two: If selected, you will do a 1-hour video interview with client this week. Payment is $100*.

Final Step: If selected for final day of filming, you will receive an additional $800 for a full (10/12hr) day of filming a glimpse/day-in-life video.

*Only way you will not receive payment is if you are selected for the day of filming but decline.


Monday, April 13 2020

Casting company:
Seeking Non Union Talent For A Remote Casting and Remote Filming for an Academic Video #1

Everything for this project will be done remotely.

Auditions: Video submissions (script provided)

If selected, there may be a rehearsal (tbd) (via web-cam conference call -- NO IN PERSON REHEARSAL) (TBD) with the Director and Professor.

REMOTE FILMING (NO IN PERSON FILMING) one day the week of April 13th or week of April 20th. We don't have an exact date or schedule at this time.


3) Male - 30 to 40 y/o Any Ethnicity

4) Female - 30 to 40 y/o Any Ethnicity

Auditions: Video submissions (script provided)

Rehearsal: TBD -  via web-cam

Shoot: one day week of April 13th or April 20th (TBD) via web-cam

Rate: $300 
Usage:  Buyout 


Saturday, April 11 2020


“Dragon City” is a dark dramedy about an Asian American family who makes amends after the death of an estranged family member. Shooting in the Atlanta and Tucker Region of Georgia. It is scheduled as 15 weekend shoot days and a possibility of 2 reshoot days.

Character Breakdown: (Asian American Family Needed)

Maximus (18-25/Asian/Male): A hotheaded, college dropout struggling to find his muse in art

Katherine (30-45/Asian/Female): Mother of the Zhang family. A helicopter parent that always wants her way.

Kevin (18-25/Asian/Male): The oldest, gay brother of Maximus that struggles with the family drama.

Amy (18-25/Asian/Female): A pre-med student estranged from the family and dealing with long term depression.

William (30-45/Asian/Male): Father of the Zhang Family. A simple, quiet parenting style from Katherine.

Application Deadline: April 11th, 2020. Auditions Date: April 18th - 19th.


Friday, April 10 2020

•••Casting for a digital experience video series•••

• Paid $600/day

• Non-Union 

• 2 Day Shoot - April 10th & 11th

• You can submit a headshot and then receives sides so you will self-tape reading part of the script. 

• Client / Exposure - the client is revolutionizing the tree and plant business. These videos will exist on the company website as well as YouTube. 


MARY, 40-50, woman, she's a wife, mother, and an outdoors-loving woman that enjoys working in the garden. 

Paul, 40-50, man, husband, outdoors - gardening type.


Friday, April 10 2020

***Nationwide casting***

Female Fitness Trainer

Client: PrepH

Role: Females 21 - 55 any ethnicity. (see below)

Project: Non-Union / Speaking

Usage: Shown on Websites and PrepH's social media.

Shoot location: At your home, anywhere across the US

Shoot date: Sometime in April 2020, filming at your house/apartment

Compensation:  $500 for a FULL shoot day

We need A woman who is a fitness trainer who focuses and helps women train and create workout routines

We need women who have their own Workout equipment/ yoga matt/bands/weights. in her apartment.

You can be all over the US as this is a vlog video, we will send video equipment for you to film in your apartment/house.

Female Body Builder

Client: Advil PM

Role: Females 21 - 55 any ethnicity. (see below)

Project: Non-Union / Speaking

Usage: Shown on Websites and Advil PM's social media.

Shoot location: At your home, anywhere across the US

Shoot date: Sometime in April 2020, filming at your house/apartment

Compensation:  $500 for a FULL shoot day

*You MUST be a bodybuilder or at least competed in body building comps within the last year. This will be shot by the Body builder at her home on her iphone in a vlog style. We are looking to source a female body builder who has actually competed in tournaments before. Now that that Covid 19 has caused some changes to many people’s schedules/daily routines we want to capture a body builder’s life now that her routine is very different. They must have their own workout equipment or in home gym.  They can be anywhere in the states as well. We will be sending equipment for her to use and we will walk her through the steps


Friday, April 10 2020


SAG-AFTRA Short Film “Tyndall Typewriters” seeking 7 Actors – $125/day

Shoot Dates: April 10 – 12, 2020
Shoot Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Rate: $125/shoot day (Negotiable for name actors.)

Union and Non-Union actors are encouraged to submit!

Storyline: Typewriter repairman, Thomas Tyndall (played by Theo Adams IV), uses vintage typewriters to remind people of the good old days when communications, social interactions, and relationships were tactile experiences. He helps a once celebrated chef (played by Courtney Jamison) regain her creativity while servicing her machine. Together they find they are connected through the art of storytelling.


CAPTAIN FARLEY: Caucasian Male, 60s – 70s. A retired naval officer who has seen it all and has no filter, Captain Farley is a lovable grandfather with old school views. He values a person’s character and morals above all else and is convinced that the typewriter repairman would be just perfect for one of his granddaughters…$125/per day. Shoots 1 to 3 days.

JEAN: Open ethnicity Female, 50s – 60s. An antiques dealer who knows how to sell and tell a story. A student of history and a Trekkie, Jean is judgmental and unsympathetic to people who don’t appreciate the items under her care. Beyond her dark humor is a woman who loves and cares for the typewriter repairman, wanting only the best for him…$125/per day. Shoots 1 to 3 days.

THE HOMELESS MAN: Open ethnicity, specifically Caucasian, Latino, and Asian/Pacific Islander. Male, 40s – 50s. Non-speaking. The Homeless Man is a former restauranteur who fell on hard times due to not seeing the power of real human face-to-face connection. He arranges food trucks to serve a five-star meal experience in a public park to the woman of his dreams… $125/per day. Shoots 1 to 3 days.

THE KIND WOMAN: Open ethnicity, specifically Caucasian, Latina, and Asian/Pacific Islander. Female, 30s – 40s. Non-speaking. The Kind Woman is a City Hall employee who discreetly loves to help others. Like most of us, she has lost the ability to unplug and enjoy the experience of treating herself to a day in the park. She is urged to put away her phone and allow herself to be treated to romantic lunch that’s been orchestrated by a Homeless secret admirer… $125/per day. Shoots 1 to 3 days.

BETZY: Open ethnicity, specifically Caucasian, Latina, and Asian/Pacific Islander. Female, 30s. An upper-class home chef, Betzy dreams of becoming the wife of a successful professional. She feels she needs to master cooking as a means to prove to her boyfriend that she’s worth his attention. Needy and insecure, Betzy is looking for emotional support in all the wrong places. Looking for a highly comedic actor…$125/per day. Shoots 1 to 3 days.

MRS. DIAMOND: Open ethnicity, specifically Asian/Pacific Islander. Female, 60 +. Mrs. Diamond receives a rare compliment from the typewriter repairman that brightens her day…$125/per day. Shoots 1 to 3 days.

 THE CUSTOMER: Open ethnicity Female, 18 – 23. Young and trendy, The Customer is interested in antiques purely as a fashion statement, but fails to appreciate the story behind them…$125/per day. Shoots 1 to 3 days.


Wednesday, April 08 2020

Announcing auditions for The Katharine Slowburn’s Experience next original production!
Emporium in Knoxville 7:30pm

“Rituals in Existing” (title tentative) explores human yearning and fear in the face of the unpredictable and unknown. This in-the-round movement theatre experience features modern dance styles and performance art approaches to all-new music from local musicians. 
It will premiere on November 21-22, 2020. 

Seeking dancers and movers with performance experience in theatre and/or dance. Open to varying levels of experience with a dedication to continued growth and openness to learning. Open to dancers of all body types. POC encouraged to audition. Dancers must be 18+. 

Weekly rehearsal time will be Wednesday, 7:30-10pm. 
Public casting call does not note pay 


Tuesday, April 07 2020

Religious Short Film Casting 
Films in ORLANDO
1 day of filming

Title: Chosen Witness

Synopsis: The key events of Jesus' last week through the eyes of Mary Magdalene

Length of Film: 8 to 9 minutes

Client: Campus Crusades Project- (This is a Christian animation short missionary film)

Distribution: Global Dist. through our digital platforms, 1,500 partners, release Easter 2021 in at least 40 languages

Location- Orlando Area (Must work as a Local, no travel compensated)

Animation Notes on the Project:Animation- making a short film for reference acting so animators can see the vision. basically helping animators understand the how the performance on animation needs to be- solely a reference tool for animation department. This means the talent's filmed portion is for reference only to help the animators in designing the film.


Character Breakdown:

2 parts: Short film portion:
1) Video reference shoot of actors that animation will use as a guide:
- Mary Magdalene. Woman, late 20's to early 30's -
-Jesus. Man, early 30's
- Mature/old man character, 50 to 60
- Mature/ old woman character, 50 to 60

*** Notes:Ethnicity and looks don't matter.. It is truly all about acting.
Even though the characters have a beard, this is not a requirement.
It is more based on facial acting and expressions.
Jesus actor doesn't have to look like Jesus but would be a bonus if they did.

Mary roles could be two different actresses, depends on the talent's ability and voice etc.

Day Rate for Short Film- 1 day of Filming- $300 per day per actor 

Mary # 2 - Voice over for Animation: This portion will be used for the animation. Client doesn't like the voice currently used and wants it updated.

Woman voice to redub Mary Magdalene, same age late 20's to early 30's
NO longer than 1/2 a Day.
Rate- $150 for half a day of ADR (agents take from this rate)

Audition Process:

Video or Audio Audition:

1) All Talent will submit headshot and resume to casting box.

2) All Talent must send in an Audition Video for the short film portion.
3) Mary Roles- If you are submitting for both you- Then just send in an Audition video. If you are only doing the voice over portion, then send in a mp3/4 file.

Live Audition- Client will do a Call Back (tentatively scheduled Virus situation pending)
Call backs from video submission- April 7th-

Shoot Dates:April - 16th - will be the film shoot
April 17 - Mary audio dub in morning.

Submit through talent profile or Email us at casting@gagetalent.com for further details 


Monday, April 06 2020

LOCATION - This shoot will be done remotely

-SHOOT DATE: Week of April 6th - at your convenience


-COMPENSATION: $125/ all media buyout 0-2 hours

-CAST/CREW/ROLE NEEDED: Female Talent - description below.

Can audition remotely 
$125 Non Union / All Media Buyout

Shoot can be done by smart phone

1- Female age 35-50, Red Hair and in OK-good shape

2- Female age 35-55, African American

3- Female age 30-40, Mother Type, Any Race, Ok-Good shape 


Sunday, April 05 2020

The Late Late Show is seeking parent/child pairs for a new episode of FACE YOUR PARENT. Child must be 18+. Everything is done remotely from your home. Zoom app is required for this on a reliable computer (with web cam) and fast internet connection! Tech savvy folks are a plus since you'll be Zooming with James Corden! Open to nationwide families.

Must be avail Sunday April 5th (for a vetting FaceTime/Skype with producers) and also be avail for potential filming dates on either Weds April 8th or the following week of April 13th. 


Sunday, April 05 2020


MOMS AND DADS ! Does your child and their friends have what it takes to be astronauts? We are looking for teams of 3 kids (aged 10-12) to take part in a space travel action adventure gameshow! 
Set in the world of astronaut training, teams participate in a series of thrilling physical and mental challenges
Application deadline is April 5, 2020

Must be legal residents and between the ages of 10-12 by July 15, 2020

Click submit for the parents link to apply 


Saturday, April 04 2020


Casting Roles in Suspense Film “Revelation” in Huntersville, North Carolina

Location: Huntersville, NC

Type: Film

CASTING CALL for horror/suspenseful Promotional video and film. 

Filming in Mooresville and Huntersville, NC.

Filming will be April 18th and 19th. Please only submit if you are 100% available for those dates.

IMDB Credit, Meals/beverages, video reel and lodging. NON-PD

Please submit resumes here:

Casting for the following roles:

MIKAYLA: Female, mixed/Latina, must speak good English, 18-21 years old, any height, athletic or thin, any eyes, any hair color.

SIMON: Male, 21-25 years old, Caucasian/white, blonde hair, 5’10” – 6’0ft tall, blue eyes or green, skinny.

Sides will be provided and auditions will be needed by April 4th, 2020 to be considered for a part.

Extras for cult interrogation scene.
Male roles, height 6’0ft or taller, must be athletic or thin.
These characters require wearing a mask and cloaks.

Guard #1
Guard #2
Guard #3
Guard #4

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Huntersville, NC


Saturday, April 04 2020

Actors in Georgia for Indie Film Project

Location: Georgia

Type: Film

Filming in the State of Georgia In the Summer, Payment negotiated based on role

Lost Locke

Locke is con artist and overall dark person. She has been accused of being a hooker and even a killer. Either way, whatever she does, she gives all of her money to help her community.

Kevin – 30s Someone who hates the idea that this woman, Locke, is trying to help the community.

Locke – 20s to early 30s -A beautiful woman (Looking for a woman with a large bust for this role,) that seduces men so she can rob them. She knows what she doing is not right but she feels like this is the only thing that can be done to help her community.

Raven – 20s- She is a young woman (please be over 18) that Locke has help to get off the streets and start college.


Friday, April 03 2020

Casting Call: Real Stories


They are looking for outgoing women who would love to raise awareness for women suffering from bladder issues, we would love to hear from women who are comfortable and unapologetic. All women should be speaking from their own experiences. 

Only successful candidates that pass the casting stage will be asked to take part in the final project & would need to be available for 1 day between 6-8th April 2020. Women who get selected for this stage will receive compensation- hit submit or email casting@gagetalent.com for further details 


Thursday, April 02 2020


Males & Females, ages 18-70s to portray protesters in the street.

**This is a director selected role**

DATES: April 3rd
RATE: $80/8

Submit send name, age, height, weight, phone number & 3 photos to Casting@Gagetalent.com



Wednesday, April 01 2020

Streaming Episodic Series is casting in Virginia set to film starting April 1

The full casting breakdown can't be posted due to confidentiality restrictions but they are looking at the following age ranges should you want us to send you the submission link with full details then hit submit below!

Character 1:  8yo (please submit casting ages 6-10), A-A male
Character 2: 16yo (please submit 15-18), A-A female
Character 3:  40s, Open Ethnicity, female
Character 4:  20s, A-A male
Character 5:  Late 40s, Open Ethnicity, male


Wednesday, April 01 2020

Casting Call

Production : The Renegade

Window Shoot Dates: April, 2020

Shoot Location: Morganton, NC

Breakdown : Linda Barry 30’s to 40’s Bi-racial, Native American, AA or Ethnically Ambiguous Female. (LEAD) Very faith filled woman whom takes her walk with the Lord seriously.

Must be a strong actress and be able to lead in this exciting new faith-based Christmas drama.

They are seeking grounded performances, these are real people with real stories. 

For further instructions from the casting company hit submit or email casting@gagetalent.com


Wednesday, April 01 2020

Casting Female Forensic Investigator for TV Show

Location: nationwide

Type: Docu-series

CASTING WOMEN WHO ARE FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS to star in a new television docu-series to air on a major cable network. We’re looking for outspoken, funny and confident forensic investigators for cold case files. Someone who is actually working or have experience in forensic science.

If you’re a real forensic investigator, we want to hear from you. Please submit your photo, age, name, and contact info.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide


Wednesday, April 01 2020

New TV Show Casting Women 45 to 60+

New aspirational and also inspirational television series is now casting women who are ready to take that leap and make a change.

Are you between the ages of 45 and 60?

Have you dreamed of becoming a dancer, singer, photographer, artist, comedian, chief, designer, model, crafter, astronaut, or something else yet had to put your dreams and passions on hold in order to raise a family?

Are you divorced or widowed and finally ready to get back to the dating game, but do not actually know where to start?

Have you been slogging through a job you have?

Are you ready to finally pursue your dream and begin living your best life?

If so, casting directors may want to hear from you.

Please note that the deadline to apply is April 1st 2020

Hit submit or email casting@gagetalent.com 


Tuesday, March 31 2020

Richmond, VA

After his son goes missing, a father seeks answers when a stranger shows up in his place.


Blue is the upcoming “subtle sci-fi” short from the award-winning filmmakers behind Cardinal and Redlining.


Casting directors are seeking a versatile lead actor for the title role of Blue: A confused man who has been taken into custody by police, Blue displays a childlike personality with one simple goal–get home to his dad.

  • Male–20-30
  • Role is paid–amount of which is negotiable upon offer of role

Production is set for an early summer (May-July) two to three day shoot over a single weekend or split between two consecutive weekends.


Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com


408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Suite 100
Knoxville, TN 37923