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Sunday, October 07 2018


Audition: October 7th, 8am-8pm
Start Date: 11/17/2018
Non paid, local hire
Location: Alpharetta, Atlanta, Oakwood, GA

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com by 10/7.

Producer states: "Most lead roles are ages 13-17 or those over 18 must look high school age. We have upwards of 30 leading, supporting and small roles. There are a few adult roles (18+) available but most are supporting or less. Singing and dancing a plus but not required – musical theater experience a plus but not required. Several lead roles must be able to sing and/or dance."

You will be asked to prepare a 30 second vocal piece singing with track or a cappella and/or 30 second dance tryout with choreographer.
[ ANDY ]
to play 15; ambitious, hard-worker, not-outspoken, quiet personality, awkward, can carry on a conversation when he is comfortable around someone; average singer, average dancer. Director of the show. After school: artistic-drawing. LEAD

to play 16; not super smart but very charismatic, likes to make people laugh and be entertaining, he wants everyone to be comfortable, athletic, out-spoken, laid-back; good singe--not the best dancer. Music Director for the show. After school: video games. LEAD

to play 16; bubbly, Southern, cheerful, mother-type, she will literally fight someone to stand up for a friend, not mean-spirited; average singer, excellent dancer. Choreographer for the show. After school-volunteers for pet organization. LEAD

[ JACE ]
to play 15; brother of Jackson, Reserved, sarcastic, emotional-wreck(due to being bullied since the 6th grade), depressed, mean-spirited mostly towards Jackson, likes to point out flaws. Bad singer, bad dancer. Head Crew Member. Ethnicity – Same as Jackson. After school: watches a lot of TV. LEAD

to play 16; Close friends with Maybel, Smart, No Common Sense, Fashionsta, quiet, she is the supportive type, kind of a brat, head-strong, somewhat sarcastic. Good singer, good dancer. Make up Lead. After school– dresses up/shopping. LEAD

to play 17; overly confident, mean girl, all about herself, leader, she treats people as beneath her always, sophisticated, very smart, sly, book smart, street smart, all around bad girl. Excellent singer, Excellent dancer – Lead– Queen Bee – After school: Hanging with Friends, Has an affinity for Starbucks, Putting Together Group Activities. LEAD

[ CLAY ]
to play 17 Very Passionate and Confident, follows Nathalie always, strong, secretly good-hearted, sweet, kind of an airhead when it comes to girls, Excellent singer, good dancer – lead. After school: plays guitar and other instruments. LEAD

to play 16; tech savvy, very in-the-know; confident, blackmails people, sly, smart, she is not a nice person outside of her class, in love with Clay, scared of Nathalie. Good singer, good dancer. Potential to move to The Rejects side-lead. After school: computers. SUPPORTING

to play 17: stubborn, things come easy to her, she compares herself to Nathalie without success, lacks some confidence secretly, a gossip and talks about Nathalie behind her back, always needs a man. Good singer, great dancer – takes Maybel’s choreographer position. After school – hangs out with Nathalie. SUPPORTING

to play 17; hot mess, clumsy, sweet, very good singer, good dancer. SUPPORTING

[ MIKE ]
to play 18; strong-willed, good-looking, charming, somewhat awkward – very good singer – good dancer. SUPPORTING

to play 14; joyful, happy-go-lucky, a little crazy, dry sense of humor – good singer – excellent dancer. SUPPORTING

[ ERIK ]
to play 16; a bit of stage-fright, not-very outgoing but loyal, talkative about things he is passionate about – good singer, OK dancer. SUPPORTING

to play 15; wise beyond her years, she loves trying new things, motivator – good singer, good dancer. SUPPORTING

to play 14; daring, a little wild; stubborn, out-spoken, good singer, OK dancer. SUPPORTING

to play 16; optimistic, fearless, has crush on Clay – good singer, excellent dancer. SUPPORTING

Director of Theater; antagonist. 25 to 50 years old, all ethnicities female.SUPPORTING

to play 18; bold, cruel, bully, menacing appearance; OK singer, OK dancer. DAYPLAYER

to play 15: funny, bully to the Rejects, best friends with Dennis; good singer, good dancer. DAYPLAYER

to play 16; super smart, shy, sly; excellent singer, OK dancer. DAYPLAYER

to play 17; materialistic, tries to keep the group calm, "dude-bro"-good Singer, excellent dancer. DAYPLAYER

to play 18; secretive, gossipy, courageous – good singer, good dancer. DAYPLAYER


Friday, October 05 2018

Submitting Competitors for “The Million Dollar Mile” (CBS & LeBron James)

Type: Reality TV

From CBS, LeBron James & “Big Brother” Producers comes “THE MILLION DOLLAR MILE!”

Million Dollar Mile is a new and unprecedented 10-episode competition series, where everyday athletes’ physical and mental toughness will be tested like never before—with an opportunity to change their lives forever. After shutting down the streets of a major city, the Million Dollar Mile course goes up! At one end is the contestant, and at the other, a whopping $1,000,000. Standing in their way? The most challenging course ever designed and a group of elite athletes with one mission: stop the contestants from winning the money at all costs.

Think you’re good under pressure? Come put yourself to the test in a never before seen series of challenges, where the decisions you make can earn you up to a MILLION DOLLARS! Are you a current or former athlete? Do you consider yourself a competitor? Whether you’re in the best shape of your life or just a weekend warrior, we want you! 

Casting directors are looking for all shapes, sizes and athletic abilities to test your strength, speed, agility, endurance and mental capacity in this larger than life competition series!

All skill levels are welcome. Must be at least 18 years old or the age of legal majority in your state of residence. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents.

To apply, please email: Casting@gagetalent.com and include:
– Name
– Phone number
– Age
– City/State
– Occupation
– Photos and social media links
– Describe yourself! Where are you from / what’s your background / what’s your story?
– What obstacles have you overcome? What are your biggest accomplishments?
– What are your hobbies/interests; what makes you different/unique?
– What is your athletic background?
– Why do you want to challenge yourself? How would a big cash prize change your life?
– Have you ever been on TV before? If so, what show(s) and air date(s)?


Friday, October 05 2018


Location: exact location TBD; Atlanta, GA

entative dates: October 6th and 7th

Intended use: short film; proof of concept for film festivals

SAG/Union. Pay is deferred with gas stipend available for those traveling more than 120 miles. Meals and craft services provided. Please send headshot and resume to Casting@gagetalent.com. Please use the name of the role you are interested in as the subject of your email.

STORYLINE: Set in the 1940s South during WW2, a young black girl with a hearing disability discovers she can see ghosts and is visited by a spirit with a life changing message. ‘Marny’ is ‘The Sixth Sense’ meets ‘Get Out’.

(Principal role) 9, female child, black (dark brown complexion), deaf, southern accent, She can see ghosts. She’s very reserved, not as energetic like the typical 9-year-old. Observant and content with not being around other children. Curious and slightly defiant. She communicates with people through sign language and written words but communicates with spirits by speaking.

(Principal) 12, female child, black (medium brown complexion), southern accent, knows sign language

(Principal) 60s, female, white, Appx 5’6-5’8, 140lbs-150lbs, salt and pepper hair, southern accent

(Principal) 60s/70s, female, black, appx 5’3-5’5, 145lbs-160lbs, gray hair, southern accent

(Supporting role) 40, male, black (dark brown complexion), short haircut, appx 6’0-6’1, 180lbs- 200lbs, southern accent

(Supporting role) 60s/70s, male, white, gray hair, long hair, 5’10-6’0, 170lbs-200lbs, southern accent

(Supporting role) 60s/70s, male, black, appx 5’8-5’10, 160lbs-175lbs, deep voice, southern accent

Featured extras

20s, male, 5’5-5’7 150lbs-160lbs black

[MITCHELL] 20s/30s, male, white

[JOHNNY BOY] 12, male child, white

[SADIE] 10, female child, white

[ASL TUTOR] 20s/30s, female, white


Thursday, October 04 2018

New TV Series 

This films in ATL, GA the last week of September- the first week of October. Roles are paid, local hire only.

Please send head shots (without filters), a direct contact number, and a resume to: Casting@gagetalent.com

Please Apply with the role you want as the subject line!

1. Role: 6 Month to 1 year old babies
Male or female twins preferred, light skinned African American, GDOL work permit required.

2. Role: Doctor, Nurse, Patient, or Hospital Visitor
Professional, well groomed, clean shaven, males and females for the doctor and nurse roles. 18-50 year olds of all races.
Visitors and Patients do not have to be clean shaven or professional looking. Everyday ambiance artists encouraged to apply-18 and older males and females.

3. Secret Service/ FBI
Males only ages 18-50 years old.Tall, athletic, clean shaven and professional looks. Gym rats, military looking types please apply.

4. Detectives
Males and females with professional looks 30 years old or older to portray gumshoe detectives. No tatoos please or ability to cover the tats.

5. Uniformed Police
Males and females of all races and ages not 18 years old-40 year olds. No tats as our uniforms are short sleeved. Clean cut and well groomed people preferred for these scenes also. Natural hair colors, no wild dyes.

6. Latin American Ambiance Artists
18-50 year old latinas and latinos to come and have fun on a salsa scene!

7. Irish Pub Partons, Servers, and Bartenders
Males and females 18 years and older to come portray a fun pub scene!


Monday, October 01 2018

Scripted Reenactments highlighting the stories in the documentary.

Start Date: 10/01/2018
Lower pay rate, local hire only.
Location: Atlanta GA

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com by 10/1.

Must work as local to Atlanta GA.
25 to 30 years old, Black/African American female. Brown Skin. Curvy. Around 5’4. Shoulder length hair, but likes to wear weaves. Nice smile. Southern Accent. From Atlanta. Got molested at a young age causing her to act out and develop drug addictions.

25 to 30 years old, Black/African American female. Light skin. Black hair. Around 5’4. Slender. From Atlanta. Was a functioning alcoholic. Was once charged with exploitation of an elderly or disabled person due to a drunk altercation with her mother during New Year’s Eve.

40 to 45 years old, Black/African American female. Dark skin. Around 5’7. Voluptuous. Short black hair. From Texas. Former drug addict, living a happy life but has a regrets of past drug use.

35 to 40 years old, Caucasian female. 5’7 Stocky build. Tom-boyish. Short black hair (neck length). From Michigan. The wife of an abusive drug dealer

35 to 40 years old, Caucasian female. Short. Around 5 ft. A little stocky. Shoulder length brown hair. Wears glasses. From Nevada. Veteran (Navy). Started doing drugs overseas. Had problems sleeping and so she would overdosed on pills.

20 to 25 years old, Caucasian female. Around 5’6. Long brown and blonde hair. Big bright eyes. Slender. From Georgia. Heavily addicted to Pain pills. She broke into her drug dealers house for drugs not knowing he was in there. He ended up shooting her in the leg.

Story line: A documentary showcasing reenactments of the impactful stories of women that have faced incredulous trials all trying to recover and triumph.


Monday, October 01 2018


Casting directors for a new reality show are now casting people for a mind focused obstacle course TV challenge, Mental Samurai.

Must have brain power and interesting story!

From the Producers of American Ninja Warrior and The Voice comes…
a test of smarts like no other! Have you got the speed, focus and stamina to to compete against the most mind-blowing mental agility course ever created? Casting directors want to hear from you!


Have you got the SPEED, STAMINA and FOCUS to COMPETE against the most mind-blowing mental agility course ever created?

With the clock ticking, a series of multiple choice questions will test every aspect of your MIND – MEMORY, PUZZLES, PATTERNS, TRIVIA. One wrong answer and you’re out, move too slowly and you’re out. It’s a game everyone can play, but only the very smartest, and fastest can win.

They say the brain is our most important muscle…it’s about to get a serious workout!

Submit photos, contact, and brief description of why you should be selected to Casting@gagetalent.com


Sunday, September 30 2018

Fun And Over-The-Top Pets & Pet Owners! 

Location: Nationwide

Type: Docu-series

An acclaimed TV production company in conjunction with a major television network is currently producing a groundbreaking documentary series that profiles fun, larger-than-life, over-the-top and EXTREMELY close pet owners and their beloved pets. This will showcase their one of a kind bond in a fun and feel-good TV series that celebrates the special pet and pet owner relationship. This is the opportunity to take part in a brand-new show with your animal “bestie(s)”, GET PAID, and star in your own series!

  • Do you have multiple pet’s and consider your animal companion’s family?
  • Do you pamper your pet to the extreme? Birthday’s, clothing, their own room/house, photo shoots, treatments, luxury foods?
  • Do you spend large amounts of money on your beloved animal companion?
  • Has anyone ever thought that your relationship with your pet “extreme” or “unusual?”
  • To say that you and your pet are “close” is a major understatement?
  • Do you and your pet literally do EVERYTHING together?
  • Have friends/family ever complained that you prioritize your pet over them?
  • Do you have a menagerie of animals at your home and do you take, “pet owner” to a new level?

If you answered, “YES!” then casting directors want to hear from you! EMAIL: Casting@gagetalent.com

Please include: Your name, age, location, phone number, email address, a brief bio about yourself and your pet(s) and what makes you and your pet stand out from the pack. Please also include several recent photos.


Sunday, September 30 2018


Shoot Dates: October 8, 2018 – December 3, 2018
Location: Richmond, VA


[ROBERT ROSS] 32yo, Male, African American. Harriet’s brother. Tall and muscular, he is the oldest of the Ross children. Fiercely protective of Harriet and his family, he is willing to put himself in harm’s way if it means they may have a chance at a better life. He is stubborn, proud and courageous.

[HENRY ROSS] 25yo, Male, African American. Harriet’s brother. He has lived and worked on the Brodess plantation since birth and hopes for a better life for his fiance and their future family. He is tender and determined and believes in his sister, Harriet.

[JONAS ROSS] 22yo, Male, African American. Harriet’s brother. Loyal and a hard worker. He defends Harriet when she is talking to God and firmly believes she will lead him and their family to freedom.

[FOXX] 40yo, Male, Caucasian. The sun weathered foreman of the Brodess plantation. He reports directly to Eliza and Gideon and is determined to catch Harriet after she escapes. As more slaves begin to disappear, he feels the social and economic weight that it places on the plantation and its owners. Please note any equestrian experience.

[MARY ROSS] 26yo, Female, African American. Robert Ross’ wife. She follows Harriet to freedom with her family and newborn. Strong and tenacious, she is determined to escape her life on the plantation and for her daughter to grow up free.

[JANE] 20s, Female, African American. Henry Ross’ fiance. She follows Harriet to freedom with her family. Quiet and timid, she perseveres although the travel conditions are rough.

[KIZZY (8yo)] 8yo, Female, African American. Rachel Ross’ daughter. She is painfully thin. She has grown up on the Brodess plantation and has been witness to Eliza and Gideon’s cruel and erratic behavior most of her life. She does as she is told in the hope that she will not be punished. She finds courage during a frightening situation.

[JOE] 40s – 50s, Male, African American. Filled with fear and uncertainty, he places his hope in Harriet to escape along with his son Isaac and his aging mother. Fiercely protective of his family, he is uncertain of Harriet’s plan but agrees to follow her knowing it may be their only chance at survival.

[MIZ LUCY] 60s – 70s, Female, African American. Joe’s mother. Filled with fear and uncertainty, she places her hope in Harriet to escape. Exhausted from her life on the plantation, she is determined to get a taste of freedom before she takes her dying breath.

[TILLY] 20s – 30s, Female, African American. Very light-skinned and mistaken for Caucasian. Nervous and desperate to escape, she pleads with Harriet to take her with her. Later, she musters all of her confidence during a critical situation to help a group of slaves escape to freedom.

[EDWARD BRODESS] 46yo, Male, Caucasian. Eliza’s husband. He is the head of the Southern plantation where Harriet is a slave. He is a condescending and overbearing man who rules with a cruel and heavy hand. He believes that owning slaves is his God given right and sees Harriet and her family as his “property”, not as people.

[SOPH & LINAH ROSS] Each in their 20s, Female, African American. Harriet’s sisters. They are in anguish as they are ripped away from their family by slavers.

[JASPER MARLEY] 30s, Male, African American. A boatman on the Delaware River, he helps Harriet to safety during her escape and later smuggles runaway slaves up north as part of the Underground Railroad. He is rough yet kind.

[FREDERICK DOUGLASS] 30s, Male, African American. A tall, intense looking man with a wild mane of hair, he is a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Confident and collected, he is a skilled orator and writer. At a strained meeting he proposes the Committee stay and fight in the face of adversity rather than disband and regroup. Must resemble the real Frederick Douglass. 

[VINCENT & VICTOR BRODESS] 15yo twins, Male, Caucasian. Edward and Eliza’s identical twin sons and Gideon’s younger brothers. They live on their family’s Southern plantation and have a penchant for mischievous behavior. They are witness to the stress that their family, especially their mother, is under due to the wave of escaping slaves. Must be comfortable appearing drunk.

[LEVI COFFIN] 60s-70s, Male, Caucasian. An elderly gentleman from Ohio and one of the founders of the Underground Railroad. He is calm, determined and favors a carefully calculated plan over a fight. Must resemble the real Levi Coffin. See photo here.

[JOHN CLAY] 30s – 40s, Male, African American. A large and powerful man, he goes by the nickname “The Abductor.” He views himself as a rockstar of the Underground Railroad and boasts about the number of slaves he has “abducted” to freedom. He is adrenalized by the danger of what he is doing but believes deeply in the cause he is fighting for.

[SENATOR SEWARD] 50s, Male, Caucasian. A wealthy, silver-haired Senator. An ally of the Underground Railroad, he hosts a Committee meeting at his estate to discuss the implications of a critical decision. He cares deeply about the members of the cause and has an unmatched generosity. Must resemble the real William H. Seward. See photo here.

[JOHN FRAZEE] 30s – 40s, Male, African American. An active member and conductor on the Underground Railroad. He is impassioned by Harriet’s call to action in the face of adversity.

[JOHN BROWN] 50s – 60s, Male, Caucasian. A striking man with a long white beard and piercing eyes. He preaches fire and fury as he rouses freed slaves to stay and fight for the cause. Harriet is mesmerized by his passion and determination. Must resemble the real John Brown. See photo here.

[RACHEL GARRETT] 60s, Female, Caucasian. Very plain with a kind smile. She is a Quaker and the wife of Thomas Garrett, the chief station agent in Delaware. The first stop on Harriet’s journey on the Underground Railroad, she and her husband have dedicated their lives to helping slaves to freedom. Must resemble the real Rachel Garrett. See photo here.

STORY LINE: The story of Harriet Tubman, who helped free hundreds of slaves from the South after escaping from slavery herself in 1849.


Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com with role in subject line


Sunday, September 30 2018

Feature Film
Director: Braden King
Writer: Elizabeth Palmore ** Based on the novel by Carter Sickels
Start Date: October 8, 2018
Location: Harlan, KY

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com
30, she is "all sunshine and daydreams in nursing scrubs." Recently engaged to Randy, a state trooper, Ellen works with Cole at a local nursing home, and like him, she is devoted to their elderly charges. She enjoys an innocent flirtation with Cole, but when she finds out he's gotten involved in the drug trade, she is bitterly disappointed. 

40s - early 50s, this tall, rugged man is a representative from a coal company that is buying up land in the area for rock bottom prices. He has a big personality, but when Cole rejects his offer, Joe’s demeanor darkens. He later briefly dates Ruby upon her return to town.

40s - 50s, this seasoned head nurse oversees the nursing home where Cole works. She takes charge, but can never really hide her big heart underneath her tough exterior. 

20s - 40s, she's a "mess" of a woman, a desperate addict who brokers sex for a fix and winds up being passed around among the thugs of Everett's gang. Character faces welcome.

Late teens to 20s, an arrogant youth with "the frightening unpredictability of a teenage drug addict," he is an Appalachian native, but an outsider in Dove Creek. Reggie arrives in town with a shipment of heroin for Terry, but when Everett interrupts their deal and it looks like the exchange is headed south, Reggie panics. 

Early 30s, this devout young preacher leads the Pentecostal church after Clyde’s death. He delivers a barn burning sermon and is thrilled when Cole kneels before the congregation ­­-- but deeply disappointed when Cole walks away, unable to feel the Spirit moving in him.

[ TINY ]
68, husband to Lottie. Tiny & Lottie are a sweet old couple who are often found sitting in their rocking chairs, humming along to Appalachian ballads. They are fond of Cole, and vice versa. They give Cole their unwanted meds in exchange for groceries and cash --­­ but they don't realize that their association with Cole could put them in danger from Everett's gang.

66, wife to Tiny. Tiny & Lottie are a sweet old couple who are often found sitting in their rocking chairs, humming along to Appalachian ballads. They are fond of Cole, and vice versa. They give Cole their unwanted meds in exchange for groceries and cash --­­ but they don't realize that their association with Cole could put them in danger from Everett's gang.

7 years old, Caucasian with dark hair and blue eyes. Seen in flashback. Cole is frightened when his grandfather Clyde, a snake-handling Pentecostal preacher, beckons Cole to the front of the exalting congregation. Later, Cole hikes through the woods with Clyde and is heard quoting from the Bible in voice­over.

Aged 47 and 45, respectively, they are Dorothy & Clyde’s daughters and Cole's aunts. They are anxious to unload Ruby's property to the first bidder, and fret over their aging father Clyde.

Late teens and "already a lost cause," this tough, vicious girl hangs around Everett and his crew. When a fight breaks out at Reese’s, she joins in by trashing his place, smashing everything in sight. 

27, she's Terry’s long­suffering wife, who greets Cole upon their return to town. She is visibly uncomfortable when Terry flirts with a waitress and recounts tales of his glory days.

80s, suffering from dementia and paranoia, this nursing home resident is hard to handle, to say the least. Cole can usually talk him down, but when he erupts into violence and attacks Ellen, it takes several orderlies to subdue him.

[ VET ]
20s - 40s, this combat veteran regularly buys Oxycontin from Cole. He suffered a debilitating injury during his service. Actors with disabilities, including amputees, are encouraged to submit

This young waitress gives Cole a piece of pie and blushes when Terry flirts with her.

[ COOK ]
This male cook at a local diner bombastically welcomes his old pal Terry back to town.

These state troopers barge into a drug transaction with guns drawn and later rehash the details of the bust. 

STORY LINE: Cole Freeman maintains an uneasy equilibrium in his rural Appalachian town, looking after the old and infirm in the community and selling their excess painkillers to local addicts. But when his old friend Terry Rose returns with plans to start his own drug operation, Cole’s world is thrown into disarray - forcing him to take action to save the close-knit fabric of family, friendship, land and history that binds everything - and everyone - he loves.


Sunday, September 30 2018


Filming in Wilmington, NC.

All Types and All Ages will be needed for filming.

In addition to “All” there is an additional need for the following:

Those with Vintage Motorcycles (not newer than 1980).

Those with vehicles (not newer than 1995).

Females 18 & over with Dance Experience.

Female Aerialist with Hoop experience.

Males and Females with “Character Faces”.

Experienced Burlesque Dancers and Dancers.

Many Males ages 30’s -50’s will also be needed for filming.

Former Timeless star Abigail Spencer is set as the lead in Hulu drama pilot Reprisal. Also joining the cast is Mena Massoud (Disney’s Aladdin, Jack Ryan), Rodrigo Santoro (Westworld), David Dastmalchian (Mac Gyver, Twin Peaks) and Rhys Wakefield (True Detective, The Purge)

The project is described as a hyper-kinetic revenge tale following a relentless femme fatale (Spencer) who, after being left for dead, leads a vengeful campaign against a bombastic gang of gearheads.

SUBMISSIONS should include the following:

2 CURRENT Photos (Headshot & Full Length) Your Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside,
Height/Weight and Complete Clothing Sizes.
Description of any visible tattoos and piercings. Please include you have an artist release for your tattoos.
Color/Make/Model/Year Vehicle/Vehicles you drive.

SUBMISSIONS should be emailed to Casting@gagetalent.com with heading being your Race, Gender, Age, City/State you reside.
Example -Asian Female, 37, Wilmington, NC


Sunday, September 30 2018

Tryout for Survivor 2018 & 2019

CBS's Survivor auditions are coming up and casting directors are looking for the next contestants to go after the $1,000,000 prize.

Do you have what it takes to outwit, outlast and outplay even the most devoted Survivor fans? If so, here is a chance to land a very coveted spot on CBS’s Survivor. 

Survivor is a hit reality show, one of the longest reality TV shows currently on Television.  Survivor takes a group of strangers and drops them off at a remote location. The group is split up into 2 tribes which battle each other in various physical and mental challenges. Each week the losing tribe votes someone off until the 2 groups merge, more people are voted off and eventually 3 players remain.

When the show is down to 3, it is up to the voted off cast members to crown a winner.  After a vote, one contestant will get crowned the lone survivor and claim the prize of 1 million dollars!

All participants must have a valid driver’s license for identification and age verification.

Will be taping sometime between Mid March, 2019 and early July, 2019. 

Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com


Sunday, September 30 2018

Hulu’s REPRISAL - MALES available for multiple filming dates in Wilmington, NC.

Must also be available to attend a wardrobe fitting.

GROUP 1 -Rowdy, Rough, Fighter types -Needed Monday 9/24 & Tuesday 9/25. Approx. 40-50 Needed) ALL RACES.

10 -30 from the fitted 50 needed on Various other dates.

GROUP 2 -Party Goer/Club Males -ALL TYPES, ALL RACES. 100 -150. Must attend a wardrobe fitting. Many of the Core 150 fitted Club/Party Goer Males needed for multiple dates.

Thurs. 9/27 (100 needed), Mon. 10/1 (150 needed), Tues. 10/2 (90 Needed) & Wed 10/3 (90 needed).

Also needed on Mon. 10/1 -75 Males in their own costume.

All Males should expect to work as a local hire in Wilmington. 

Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com with heading MALE REQUEST.

Please include 2 Current Photos (headshot and full length, Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight,Clothing Sizes,Description of visible tattoos and piercing (include if you have an artist release for tattoos), Color,Make.Model.Year Vehicle and the extent of your availablity.


Sunday, September 30 2018

Bad Education 

Starring Hugh Jackman

SAG/NON UNION – MALE/FEMALE 18TLY to portray a MASCOT – Exact date TBD. Filming begins in October.

When submitting, please note any previous mascot experience.

If interested please email a recent photo along with the following to Casting@gagetalent.com
-cell number
-union status
-any conflicts in October/November

Change the subject line to FB – MASCOT


Sunday, September 30 2018


Location: Tennessee

Kids Ages 5-17

Marci - Female. 12 y/o. Lead.

Tommy - Male. 9 y/o. Lead. 

Lily - Female. 5 y/o. Lead. Possible Twins Needed.

Email headshot and resume to casting@gagetalent.com


Sunday, September 30 2018

Are You Terrible at Baking? Submit for a New Major Cable Network Pilot!

Type: Reality TV

Do your attempts at baking birthday cakes leave you fuming? Fed up with your baking looking nothing like the recipe and tasting even worse?

Casting directors are looking for self-confessed “bad bakers” from across the United States (ideally California) to take part in filming a pilot for a major cable network!

If you want to transform your baking skills with help from the best – submit today! 

Email your name, telephone number, baking fail explanations and photos to: Casting@gagetalent.com

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: baking@raw.co.uk


Sunday, September 30 2018


General Non-union Submissions

Ages 8-80, All Genders & Ethnicities

Series Shoots in and around Savannah, GA - MUST WORK AS A LOCAL.

October 2018-February 2019

Email 2 recent headshots/photos with the following info to Casting@gagetalent.com
SUBJECT: First Round

Last name, First name
phone number
email address
height & sizes
Car: year/color/make/model


Sunday, September 30 2018


UPCOMING in October - Submitting an African American female – as close to the following sizes as possible that is a master at twerking — around a 45 inch waist and 65 inch hips and at least 5’9 – 5’10 as tall as 6’3 — email a recent photo, all sizes, all contact info and a short – 10 – 15 second at most video of you twerking — very featured spot — email all to: Casting@gagetalent.com  – TWERKING in Subject


Sunday, September 30 2018

Submitting Plus Size Actresses for a 1 day short film.

Production has already filmed all of it but 1 scene. There is a good amount of dialogue.

You will only be needed 1 day. It is a LGBT film. If you’re fine with kissing and touching actions, this should be no problem. There is (No Nudity) at all in here.

The scene is where the main actress cheats on her girlfriend. If you’re interested send your headshot, resume, and reel to Casting@gagetalent.com.

Production can shoot this month or next depending on your availability.


Sunday, September 30 2018


Pays SAG SCALE but casting directors are accepting submissions from Non-union as well.
Great production company is looking for people to talk about using smart phones and the role smart phones play in our lives.

Are you:
  • Brand loyal to a specific tech brand’s products and phones?
  • Entering a new life stage and dealing with many life changes all at once?
  • Delaying getting a new phone due to the hassle of switching over?
  • Still a proud owner of a flip phone?
  • Attached to your phone and can’t imagine a day (or minute) without it?

… If so, casting directors want to hear from you! 

If interested, please email the following to Casting@gagetalent.com:
1- Your name
2- Location and occupation
3- Briefly describe your day-to-day
4- Of the following, which one(s) best describe you: loyalist, new
life stage, not interested, or my phone = my life
5- What would it be like to switch phones for you right now?
6- Please include links to your social media
7- Please include a couple headshots, half, and full body photos


Saturday, September 29 2018


Audition: 10/15 and 10/16
Start Date: 10/25/2018
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com by 9/29.
This pilot is for a sales tape and will not air. It will be shot in Atlanta at the end of October. LOCAL HIRE ONLY. Some wardrobe will be provided. You MUST be able to speak English as well as NEUTRAL SPANISH (Mexican dialect).
Folks of Mexican descent or those who can speak fluent neutral Spanish (Mexican descent) for these roles. 40 to 75 years old, Hispanic male or female.

Mexican actresses who can play the role of an angry / emotional mother trying to prove that a man is the biological father of her child. 25 to 60 years old, Hispanic female.

Must be able to play the role of a grown man who's denying that he's the biological father of a child in question.. Must be able to show wide range of emotion and MUST be of Mexican descent and be able to speak both English and neutral Spanish. 25 to 60 years old, Hispanic male.

Adult who's trying to find out if someone they believed was their biological father real is or not. Must be able to show emotion.. anger, tears, confusion, and MUST be of MEXICAN descent and speak both English and neutral Spanish. 18 to 40 years old, Hispanic male or female.
Story line: Angry/Emotional Grandmother/Grandfather playing the role of a grandparent trying to prove that a child in question is/is not their grandchild


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