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Wednesday, January 31 2018

Submitting talent for a demo TV commercial for a national product, to be shot in the Myrtle Beach SC Area at the end of February

– beginning of March 2018. Submitting males and females 22-30. This will be shot on the beach so fitness is a must.

This is a NON PAYING ROLE in a demo for a national television commercial. If demo is sold model will be paid and receive national exposure.

Male: 22-30 years old

Female: 22-30 years old

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com


Wednesday, January 31 2018


Location: Memphis, TN

Type: Film

Short Film “Mistake” for work sometime between 2/1/18 – 2/28/18. Exact date(s) TBD.
We do not have the exact shoot date so you would need to have flexible availability during this date range so that you are available regardless of what the shoot date ends up being. If you have any schedule conflicts please state when submitting.

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT to this booking if you are not 100% fully available and committed! This will be audition selected by the Director and we do not want to audition anyone who isn’t going to show up or who isn’t fully available!

Location is in the MEMPHIS, TN area. Local Hire talent ONLY!

Submitting talent to work on scenes filming between February 1st and February 28th in Memphis, Tennessee. 


ERIC: Male, African-American, age range early to mid 20s. Main character.

OLLIE: Male, all ethnicities, age range 20-30. Main character.

JACOB: Male, all ethnicities, age range 18-25. Supporting character, no lines.

SEAN: Male, all ethnicities, age range early to mid 20s. Supporting character, friend of Eric.

EMAIL SUBMISSION DEADLINE is WEDNESDAY 1/31/2018 but we recommend the earlier the better, as casting directors hope to be complete by 1/31/18

Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com with subject line ROLE – Eric, Ollie, etc. for the character you’d like to submit for. You MUST include first & last name, height, weight, a valid contact number, city/state you live in and include (2) RECENT photos – (1) headshot type and (1) full body type standing. Also include any relevant acting experience. If selected, you will be asked to attend an in person audition in Memphis.

PLEASE DO NOT submit if you don’t fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work dates. 


Wednesday, January 31 2018

SMILE PRETTY FOR THE DEVIL, an independently produced true-crime thriller being shot in and around Knoxville, TN. 

Cast rehearsals will begin in April and run until shooting begins on June 2, 2018. Payment will be deferred as per contract. 

A first look distribution deal is already in place.

All actors in this film must be 18+. Transportation and lodging will not be provided.

If you are interested in a role, please submit to Casting@gagetalent.com to request audition materials. Please include your name and character name(s) that you are interested in. Include headshot and resume.

Auditions open now until January 31, 2018.

Film Synopsis: On a sunny summer afternoon, five high school girls carried out one of the most savage crimes in recent history. And they recorded the whole thing. KRYSTAL RICKER and her friends (BRANDI, CJ, JUSTINE and APRIL) targeted MORGAN DEVAULT after finding out that she had gone on a date with Krystal’s ex-boyfriend JOSH PURKEY. In a misguided plan to win Josh back, she decided to eliminate her competition. Forever. The plan was simple. Kidnap Morgan from the drive-in restaurant where she worked. Drive her to the lake. Stab her. Then sink the body to the bottom with cinderblocks. Nothing went according to plan. 

18-26 (to portray high school student)
All Ethnicities
She is the self-appointed leader of this faction. She prefers control and doesn’t take kindly to anyone challenging her decisions. Due to abandonment issues with her mother, she often makes up ridiculous lies about her past to try to impress people. She is very manipulative and a puppet-master to those around her. She’s the mastermind behind the crime and planned everything out. Having secretly wanted to see what it would feel like to take the life of someone, she has jumped at the chance to not only satisfy her murderous desire but to bring her closer to Krystal like nothing else ever could.
This role requires partial nudity. A scene where the character is in the background changing out of bloody clothes into clean clothes.

18-26 (to portray high school student)
All Ethnicities
She’s center of this whole ordeal. She’s hyper and impulsive, and always the last to get a joke. She has an unhealthy obsession with all things pushed by the media; fashion, sex and body image. Her other unhealthy obsession is her ex-boyfriend, Josh, and desire to get him back, no matter what. She is stricken with jealous rage, but plays the sympathetic victim so well, that she has everyone around her, rallying to help her misguided cause. In her mind, she’s the one in charge, but in reality she’s too dense to realize she’s the easiest to manipulate.
This role requires partial nudity. A scene where the character moons another car from their van. And a scene where the character is in the background changing out of bloody clothes into clean clothes.

18-26 (to portray high school student)
All Ethnicities
She’s the voice of reason within the group and has to try to bring balance to their poor decisions. She is creative and resourceful, as well as somewhat of a know-it-all. She has been best friends with Krystal since the first grade, but feels that their friendship is in jeopardy because of Brandi. She’s doing this to prove to Krystal that she is always there for her and a better friend.
This role requires partial nudity. A scene where the character moons another car from their van. And a scene where the character is in the background changing out of bloody clothes into clean clothes.

18-26 (to portray high school student)
All Ethnicities
She’s the newcomer to the group. She’s folksy and dependable to a fault. She’s never been one afraid to call it like it is. She lives under a lot of rules and schedules. She met Krystal in class and really envies her sense of freedom. Her desperation for excitement and need to belong causes her to take things too far. She’s still discovering many things for the first time, including her own psychopathic tendencies.
This role requires partial nudity. A scene where the character moons another car from their van. And a scene where the character is in the background changing out of bloody clothes into clean clothes.

18-26 (to portray high school student)
All Ethnicities
She is very sociable, talented and outgoing, but also follows Brandi around like a lost puppy and that is the only thing most people see about her. She puts Brandi’s needs and interests before her own. She worries easily and can be quick to jump to paranoid conclusions. Her greatest fear is getting shunned by Brandi.
This role requires partial nudity. A scene where the character moons another car from their van. And a scene where the character is in the background changing out of bloody clothes into clean clothes.

18-26 (to portray high school student)
She’s the target of the others. She’s friendly and practical. Romantic at heart, but not relationship oriented. She runs track, with the dream of one day running in the Boston Marathon.

18-26 (to portray high school student)
Krystal’s ex-boyfriend. He hides his insecurities behind his allure of being a tough guy with street cred.


Wednesday, January 31 2018

Invisalign Commercial 


Casting directors are specifically looking to make a series of documentaries about a 14-18yr old soccer player that has overcome challenges. Essentially a story of inspiration. Anywhere in this beautiful country.

Will film 2 days a month over the course of 5-6 months in your hometown.

Submit headshot/resume/reel and brief description of how long you have played soccer as well as anything else related to your soccer experience that would help get you cast. Include photos of you playing soccer as well.

Need to be a good to great player and have a story of rising through challenges that they have or currently face. 


Wednesday, January 31 2018

RALEIGH, NC– Inspirational videos to be filmed this semester for student films (Spring 2018) and published online(FaceBook, Youtube, etc) in late Summer 2018.

This is a student-directed project and NON-PAID, but participants will receive credit and footage to include in demo reel. This series of short films will be addressing issues of sexuality and Christian faith.

This particular project follows the story of a young man struggling with his sexual identity. Most shots will require minimal/no lines. 


(1)YOUNG WHITE MALE(between ages of 10-13) (1)YOUNG MIXED MALE(between ages of 10-13) (multiple)TEEN MALES(between ages of 15-18. Any race) (2)WHITE MALES(between the age of 19-25)

Email should include:


For actors under 18: parents/legal guardians will be given a release form to sign and expected to remain on the premises during the filming session. Sessions will not last longer than 4 hours at a time. 

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com.


Wednesday, January 31 2018

Voice Over

Audition Date(s): 01/31/2018
Start Date: 02/05/2018
Location: Production will find a studio local to the actor)

Usage: Internet

Submit headshot/resume/reel and voice clip to Casting@gagetalent.com

Submitting talent for voiceover for a video that celebrates female minority athletes. Female VO talent must have a native Caribbean accent or be able to do readings in a Caribbean accent.
Seeking Caribbean woman, 40-75 to sound older, to read an inspirational poem for a video celebrating female diversity in the soccer community.

Story line: Inspirational video celebrating female diversity in the soccer community.


Wednesday, January 31 2018

NO GOOD DEED neo-western short film – Lead Actor

Title: No Good Deed

Genre: Neo-Western/ Modern Western

Synopsis: A short film in the neo-western genre revolving around the fractured relationship between a father and his son during a time of ever-present danger imposed by an unpredictable and unstable antagonist.

Compensation: Paid, IMDB credit, Social media endorsement 

Character Descriptions:

Everett Graves: (Male, average build, 40’s to early 50’s) Father to Eli Graves (the films pivotal character) who lives alone in a secluded area of Missouri in which he relies on his hard work to get by.

Reserved, gritty, and short-spoken, but yet he is quite profound in the little he does say. Everett is conflicted, complex, and full of conviction due to his past decisions regarding the abandonment of his family and the recently forced reconciliation with his nineteen-year-old son, Eli.

The film is planned to be shot in the Randolph County area of North Carolina for the sake of seclusion to be fully immersed in the lifestyle and world of these characters.

No official shooting dates have been established, but are estimating to begin filming in late February or early March of 2018.

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com


Wednesday, January 31 2018





Synopsis: What do you do/ who do you turn to when you suspect your significant other of cheating? That’s the question that has plagued the mind of Daniel head coach of the towns little league basketball team for weeks. His trust held for his girlfriend Rachel is at an all-time low when he decides to take matters into his own hands and contacts private investigator Jacob Miller. A man whom has recently been acquitted in the case of his missing girlfriend, Christine. Jacob quickly gets the results Daniel is looking for, but upon seeing a very familiar face in the form of Tyler Smith Jacob hatches a deadly plan to get rid of his problem and Daniel problems once and for all. The game for the ultimate revenge has begun, who will come out on top in this deadly game of passion!


Rachel-earl to mid-20s
Tyler- early 30s
Daniel-late 20s
Jacob-early 30s
Christine-early 30s

Also boys ages 8-12 for basketball team

If  selected, you’ll be given an auditioning script for the role that you’re applying for along with a detailed background on the character.

Filming process will begin in March


Wednesday, January 31 2018

Backtrace - starting soon in Savannah, GA

Submitting talent for the feature film BACKTRACE, which will begin filming on Jan 29 in Savannah. Please feel free to begin submitting. More details to come. MUST WORK AS A LOCAL.

All ethnicities – men and women – ages 17 and older only.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an experienced EMT/ Nurse/ Doctor / Paramedic or experience in the military/ police force. Please list that in your subject line.

If you are not any of the above – please put BACKTRACE (male) or (female) in your subject line.

When you submit, please include the following information. (Please note, the wardrobe sizes are VERY IMPORTANT – because of uniforms. Please don’t skip over them.)


1) Name
2) Phone
3) City You Currently Live in
4) Color/ Make/ Model/ Year of your Car
5) All clothes sizes: Shirt/ Pants/ Coat/ Shoes (men) Dress/ Measurements/ Shoes (ladies)
6) Height and Weight

Include headshot, half body, and full body 


Wednesday, January 31 2018


Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes Season 2 will begin filming in CHARLESTON, SC within the first few weeks of Feb!

Casting calls for specific extras roles and stand-ins will likely go up closer to the end of Jan. That being said, Those who take the time to send in a general submission will be prioritized when casting directors choose talent for roles throughout the season.

Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com

The e-mail MUST INCLUDE ALL of the following:
1. Recent headshot
2. Recent body shot 
3. Name
4. Age
5. Phone number
6. Location
7. Height
8. Weight (this is only in case Costume Dept were to need it)
9. Shirt size
10. Pant size (for men - Waist and Length measurement)
11. Dress size (if applicable)
12. Jacket size (if applicable)
13. Shoe size
14. A picture and/or brief description of any visible tattoos.
15. Color/make/model of your vehicle
16. If you worked as a specific role or stand-in last season then please include the role (example: Policeman, Hodges SI, etc.) in the subject line of your submission

Those submitting for this season must be willing to work AS LOCAL to Charleston, SC!


Tuesday, January 30 2018

New Year’s Eve

Location: Atlanta, GA

Submission Due Date: 01/30/2018

Production Start Date: 02/10/2018

“New Year’s Eve” a factual feature film. A couple suffer lack of trust in their marriage after they both confessed to infidelity while they were drunk on a night out with friends on New Year’s Eve.

Caucasian (47-51)
Mr. Hughes: A good outdoors man. Very down to earth and hard working.
Family oriented and loves his family a lot despite is sexual involvement with other women.

Caucasian (43-47)
Mrs. Hughes: Very sexy, tall blondie lawyer. She is one of the most skilled lawyer in the city with a lot of wealthy male client that she couldnt resist their sexual advances.

Caucasian (21-24)
Jessica Hughes: First child of the Hughes family and twin sister to Mark, she is very close to her both parents and couldn’t watch the her family grow apart.

Caucasian (21-24)
Mark Hughes: Only son of the family, twin brother to Jessica. He is barely at home to even notice anything as he is always out partying and having a good time with his girl friend and friends.

Caucasian (18-20)
Rachel Hughes: Daddy’s girl, closer to her father because he always showers her with gifts. She is very intelligent and smart and feels broken because of her family situation.

Hispanic (23-26)
Daniela: Mark’s girlfriend. She is from a wealthy family and all she cares about it shopping and partying.

All Race (23-35)
Amanda: Mr. Hughes secretary, Pretty and very sassy. She is sexually involved with her boss.

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com


Monday, January 29 2018

Netflix Show

Submitting an AUTHENTIC BARBERSHOP QUARTET to sing traditional a cappella songs – PLUS an additional day working on transferring an explicit rap song into an a cappella format/style.

Date(s): Tuesday, January 30 (plus an additional day)
Location: ATLANTA, GA

To submit, please email 3 pictures, your name, age, height, weight, ALL OF YOUR SIZES and cell phone number FOR EACH OF YOUR MEMBERS to Casting@gagetalent.com

Subject: BARBERSHOP (If Union, please list UNION in your subject line)


Monday, January 29 2018

Feature Film

Outside Shoot Dates February 11 - March 7, 2018
Rate: SAG-AFTRA Modified Low Budget
Location: Atlanta, GA

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com
Male, 16 years old, seeking 18+ to play younger. Short and innocent looking, Wade is a religious student at Alice's Catholic school who's very proud of his girlfriend, the uber-religious Heather McCarthy. Wade is angry about an ugly sexual rumor going around the school about him and Alice, but is reluctant to clear Alice’s name. Ultimately, Wade winds up sharing some personal information about himself at the end of the retreat...SUPPORTING 

16 years old, seeking 18+ to play younger. Quirky, marches to her own drummer, surprisingly friendly and welcoming, this girl at Alice's private Catholic school is first observed on the bus  making little Elmer's glue splotches on her forearm. Glue Girl seems impervious to the fervent zeitgeist of the retreat, and mostly keeps to herself, drawing pictures of her cat (she really misses her cat). She seems to have a life very different from the average midwestern kid--she wants to go to Japan and likes sushi--and she strikes up a friendship with Alice...SUPPORTING 

An octogenarian nun at the retreat, Sister Louise is in charge of doling out the food to the students, and is happy to offer second helpings for growing boys. Fond of John Grisham novels and naps, Sister Louise oversees Alice when Alice is assigned to clean up the cafeteria...SUPPORTING 

17 years old, seeking 18+ to play younger. A gangly senior boy with braces, Adam is a student at Alice's Catholic school and one of the leaders at the religious retreat. Adam tells a moving story of being hooked on pot and a wake-up call that made him realize he had to clean up his act. Though he seems genuinely devout, he's found in a compromising situation with one of the female senior leaders. Possible backside nudity...SUPPORTING 

40s, Alice's mom, conservative, sweet and warm, she's seen at dinner with her husband and daughter, planning to make her cheesy potatoes for the neighbors' party. Later, she gets things ready to have people over to watch the game...1 speech & 6 lines, 2 scenes 

16, seeking 18+ to play younger. Beautiful, long shiny hair, perfect smile, a little haughty, Heather is a student at Alice's private Catholic school, and she's very gung-ho about her devotion to Jesus. She's dating Wade and she's very proud about knowing all the answers in class and getting certain ceremonial honors at the school services...1 speech & 3 lines, 3 scenes 

16, seeking 18+ to play younger. This smart aleck student at Alice's private Catholic school makes a few funny or clueless comments during a "morals" class about sex. Later, on several occasions he crudely teases Alice based on an unfounded rumor...6 lines, 3 scenes 

17, seeking 18+ to play younger, female. Devout and enthusiastic, this girl is a senior leader at the Catholic high school retreat. She gushes about the fall colors of the trees and later shares an emotional account of her feelings about being adopted...7 speeches, 2 scenes 

16, seeking 18+ to play younger. A student at the Catholic high school retreat, he's embarrassed when Father Murphy reads a loving letter to Andrew from his parents. Later, somewhat awkwardly, Andrew shares  a moving account of breaking up with his girlfriend...2 speeches & 2 lines, 3 scenes 

16, seeking 18+ to play younger. A friend of Alice and Laura's, Beth joins them at the lunch table and can't stop gushing about her Kirkos retreat. She believes the rumor about Alice, and suggests that she go on the retreat...3 speeches & 9 lines, 1 scene 

This old, balding Catholic priest delivers a sermon at Sunday Mass in a monotone...1 line, 1 scene 

17, seeking 18+ to play younger. Laura's friendly but trouble-making boyfriend, Anthony teases Alice about a rumor going around the school...5 lines, 1 scene 

 16, seeking 18+ to play younger. This boy asks a question about sexual morality in class...1 line, 1 scene 

16, seeking 18+ to play younger.This high school kid brags about his brand new first generation iPod, then makes a nasty comment to Alice...1 speech & 4 lines, 1 scene 

16, seeking 18+ to play younger. This kid sits behind Laura and Alice on the bus to the retreat. He makes an immature joke that cracks Laura up, but then makes a nasty comment to Alice...1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene

This teacher takes a group photo at the retreat...2 lines, 1 scene 

16, seeking 18+ to play younger. This high school student makes a crude joke based on an unfounded rumor about Alice...3 lines, 1 scene 

16, seeking 18+to play younger. This girl on the retreat is very eager to share. She tells about the death of her grandmother...2 speeches, 1 scene

40s, clean shaven, conservative, warm and good-natured, Dad is Alice's father, happily married to her mom. Dad is a good dad and an observant Catholic, who loves their tradition of going to early Sunday Mass with Alice and then stopping for donuts on the way home...

Female, mid 40s, strict, a commanding presence, Mrs. Veda is a teacher at Alice's private Catholic school who takes her job very seriously. Mrs. Veda monitors the dress code, oversees various religious activities, and is a chaperone on the Kikos retreat...

STORY LINE: A Catholic school girl in the early 2000s, 16 year old Alice is discovering things about her sexuality that her teachers wouldn't dare discuss with students. As curious, supposedly sinful thoughts begin to develop within her, Alice goes on a school retreat aimed to strengthen her relationship with God. Over the weekend, a rampant rumor and hypocritical teachings make Alice wonder if her own feelings are sinful, or just part of becoming a woman. Based on the short YES, GOD, YES 


Monday, January 29 2018

Fun & Feisty Grandparents Wanted to Help You Win a HUGE PRIZE.

Location: GEORGIA, USA

Type: Reality TV

Are you ready for the ultimate adrenaline road trip where your granny or grampy could help you win a HUGE PRIZE?

In a brand new TV pilot for a major U.S. cable network, fun & feisty grandparents with attitude could help you win big.

In this adrenaline fueled car competition you and your superstar grandpa / grandma will need to work together, think fast, get creative and overcome some serious odds for the chance to win big. If you appear to be 20 – 28 years old with a rad grandpa or grandma we want to hear from you today!

Participants must have valid work authorisation in the U.S.
Must both live in the U.S. state of Georgia
Hold a valid driving license
Be aged 18+


Submit your name, age, state and recent picture to:

Payment: Other


Monday, January 29 2018

Submitting talent in Chattanooga for a nonprofit called The Center for Civil Rights. 

Client states:
We’re going to be doing civil rights testing in the Chattanooga area. (For example, if we believe a real estate agency is discriminating against women, we’ll hire an actor and an actress to go there on the same day to express interest in the same kind of house, and then we see how they’re treated.) We need both men and women, and both white actors and actors of color. 

Paid training and acting job which will all be taking place on the evening of Tuesday, January 30th. 

Please submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com


Sunday, January 28 2018


Barbarian (Medieval Reenactment)

Males Only ✶ Ambiguous / Egyptian / Middle Eastern / Indian / African American / Pacific Islander / etc…

Ancient Times / Darker Hair Colors ONLY (see photos)

Ages : 18 – 40yrs
Location: Norcross, GA
Call Time: TBD

Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com


Saturday, January 27 2018

Short Film in Richmond, VA

Production is shooting a short film starring Denzel Whitaker about the number of high school football recruits in the country and need young African American extras to play his teammates.

-Previous football experience is a plus but not required.

-Shoot Day- 1/28

– Compensation Paid but must work as a local.

-Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, January 26 2018


Audition Dates: 01/01/2018-Jan 26, 2018
Callback Date: 02/15/2018
Start Date: 03/09/2018
Location: Duluth, GA

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com by 1/26.

The trailer will be a three min trailer promoting the script for Among Pigeons. Submitting two actors who will speak the dialogue and also be engaged in a simulated fight scene in an alley.

A 50 ish year old black man, who is homeless due to bad choices. He is living on the streets in alleys and whereever else he can find shelter. A Forrest Whitaker type of demeanor.

Well dressed 40ish type of man, who accost the homeless Roman in an alley, this character should be fit but not overly muscular but can wear a suit nicely. He will end up fighting in the suit.


Friday, January 26 2018

"Cycles," a new Christian television drama series filmed in Columbia, SC. 

Synopsis: The story begins by introducing viewers to Victoria Missouri, who has recently moved back to her hometown. Upon her return, the single mother and her family and friends are confronted with new challenges as familiar faces open old wounds and force them to relive past hurts. In the midst of the turmoil, there is redemption, hope, and a journey, although difficult, towards unconditional love. The series features an ensemble cast from SC, NC, NY, CA, GA, OH, WV, and VA.

Films in Columbia, SC - MUST WORK AS A LOCAL


Arturo - 18-21 - Hispanic/Ethnically Ambiguous

Arturo is a 20 year-old Hispanic/Caucasian mixed male whose father from the U.S. and whose mother is from Brazil. He's an online college student and works in his uncle's computer store. Because he has learned a lot about computers, he's involved in computer hacking for extra money. Arturo is a friendly young man, but he's lonely, doesn't believe in God, and is very angry over the recent death of his mother and because he's never met his father (his father is the "Cycles" character Mark Chavez). Years earlier, Arturo's mother and Mark dated for a year before she returned to her home country of Brazil to care for her dying mother. Arturo's mother and father lost touch over the years, and his mother never told his father of Arturo's existence. Before Arturo's mother dies, she reveals more about his father, Mark's, identity and encourages Arturo to speak with her brother for help on how to find Mark.

Production states: "This is a major role and Arturo will appear in most episodes. Will begin filming Arturo's scenes in January in Columbia, SC and will continue filming at least one, possibly two Saturdays a month until spring 2018. 

Paulette - 25-35 - All Ethnicities

a 25- to 35-year-old female who is the new church secretary of the fictional church featured in "Cycles." She is single, pleasant in nature, devoted to God and the ministry, and admires Pastor Bradley. 
Production states: "This is a major role and Paulette will appear in most episodes."

NOTE - Roles are non paid until production secures a sponsor for Season 3. Must be willing to travel and to pay for accommodations until funding is secured. 

However, some hotels in Columbia are offering reduced rates to cast members who need to travel. More details will be provided if you're selected."

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, January 26 2018

Student Director Needs Actors for Short Film

Location: Charlotte, NC

Type: Student Films

Student director states: "I’m looking for budding actors, who will participate in this film for experience and to help a fellow artist out. I can’t pay you anything, but together we can build & share contacts, and hopefully help each other symbiotically."

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com for audition consideration.

Rate of Pay: Copy/Credit/Meals

Audition Date:

Uptown Charlotte, NC
Location will be provided if selected.


408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Suite 100
Knoxville, TN 37923