Gage Models & Talent Reviews

I just wanted to send you a thank you message and let you know that we appreciate your hard work!  You are the best!

Lorissa Brooks

*And this made our day!  We’d like to thank all our Gage families for their help, support and enthusiasm for talent bookings! 

-Connor B’s Mom

Trystyn had an amazing experience this evening and loved every minute. My younger daughter loved watching the show, and seeing her sister walk. Thank you for giving Trystyn that opportunity!! 

Amber True (Trystyn’s mom after a runway show.  Pictured here with Gage models at Knoxville Fashion Week)

-Amber True

Thank you so much for this experience!! 12 hour days are long, and the first 6 hours were spent just sitting in a holding area, but it was so worth it! i loved making new friends and meeting Dolly!!


-Ashlyn after Dolly Movie Booking


It was great to work with your team on the UTMC shoot. They were all very cooperative and professional. 

Ed Wheeler
EdWheeler Photography


THANK YOU for getting me booked! I had a blast! 

Really enjoyed meeting all the other Gage talent and getting to know them! You’ve got a lot of great people working for you! Everyone was so enthusiastic and professional! 
Thanks again! 

-Eric G

Good afternoon!! Addy had an amazing experience yesterday for the movie! She was exhausted as was I. It was a very long day, but so worth getting to see Dolly and being front row when she came out on stage!  

Debra, mom of Addy after her booking on a movie with Dolly Parton!

-Debra Short

Hey Rachele!

I just wanted to say thank you. I honestly never thought I would make it in front of a camera, but now I'm living out a dream I've had for a long time. So thank you!! 

That's all. :) Thanks again for believing in me!


-Emma Claudio

Thanks so much for all your help in arranging models; it was a great shoot and all of them did fantastic work for us!


We will certainly reach out for future shoots.


Thanks again!


Marketing Manager

Lowe Boats | Brunswick Boat Group

***We love getting emails like this from happy clients!

Thanks to all our talent who do such great work!

-Lowe Boats Marketing Manager

Many times circumstances beyond an agents control effect outcomes, and we are proud our Agency Director, Rachele Bailey receives emails like this!

HI Rachele,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate you. 

You always submit wonderful talent for projects. I'm sorry it didn't work out this time with the Two Lane shoot. For safety reasons, due to COVID, the client booked a group of friends who had been working together and felt comfortable without masks, and Luke Bryan's best friend for shots with him. 
I know how much work goes into submitting for castings, for sometimes no reward. And I couldn't do my job without you. So thank you!!

Hoping and praying for an end to COVID and work to pick up soon, so that I can be back in touch. 

Stay safe,


-Casting Director

First off, I would like to give my immense thanks to you and Gage for all of the opportunities and work you have brought to me these last 6 years. I loved it.

Zachary S (upon moving to Louisiana)

-Zachary S

Had an awesome experience 
Three very good kids!
Thanks so much.

That little Arya is gonna be a star. She is lovely. 
All parents were amazing too. 

Loved them all and we had a ball!
(She booked our Gage kids on the shoot for The Jar from Afar!)

-The Jar from Afar Booking Client

Thanks so much!

Suzy has been GREAT- she really is great with the kids and Savannah has enjoyed her. Looking forward to the next few months of classes!

Margo (mom to Savannah)

-Savannah K

Hi Ms Debby,

Sawyer is really enjoying his experience w Gage.

Dana (Sawyer’s mom)

-Sawyer M

Email to Agency titled AWESOME DAY!

Today was really fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about Chad and Randee and the whole team. So thankful!  Even being bound with extension cords and cold water poured all over me (for a role on a TV series) Lol. Truly, it felt great to be there. Thank you. 


-Heather B

Alyssa is all wrapped after two days on set!  She has found a new passion in acting and wants you to be on the look out for all things crime related where she can die!  She absolutely loved playing a crime victim!!!!!   The producers even said she played a victim extremely well for her age!!!  I didn’t take any bts pics because the contracts we signed seemed pretty strict but I took a few private ones once we got back to the hotel that I will personally send you to show the cool make up they did!!!! 

Thank you so much again!  You guys always book the best things for my baby and we love you!!!!

Stacy Marquez
Alyssa’s Mom

-Stacy Marquez

By email after a talent booking:

Good Afternoon!  Please find attached the Talent Voucher for Abigail C's work yesterday on the Kelsea Ballerini Music Video (Half of My Hometown).  It was a great experience for her - thank you for the opportunity!
Millicent - mom of Gage’s Abigail C

-Millicent Carter

Shelby Lynn
April 13 at 6:10 PM
Guys I am In total shock! I can’t share it with you at the moment. This happened so fast! I have been persistent, everything I have done up until this moment has prepared me for this. I am so incredibly thankful, Rachele and Jaime I really wish I could squeeze you right now. All the countless miles, classes, photo shoots, runway shows, commercials, and being a extra in a movie and on a couple of tv shoes has lead me to this moment. I have so many people to thank! 

Thank you God, without you nothing would even be possible. Even when I felt discouraged you kept leading me❤️
My family, my schedule has made you all crazy. I know we’ve missed a lot of get togethers etc. and I have kept mom on the road and I am so thankful for you all. The love and support you have shown has been incredible. ❤️
My friends, for loving me from a distance and always being able to welcome me back when I miss the get togethers,conversations, and all the good times! ❤️
My teachers and coaches for working with me, for pushing me to be the best student I can be and teaching me a lot of adult life lessons. ❤️
My photographers, designers, H/M artist, of which is more like family this is for you ! I love you all so very much ❤️ 

I guess for now I can say “I’ll catch you at the movies on the big screen “ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

-Shelby Lynn B

Had so much fun at Jayceon’s photoshoot for Gage today!!  He already wants to go back!   Huge thank you to all the wonderful Gage staff!

-Chrystal B

Photo from Knoxville Fashion Week runway!

Thanks to @gagetalent and @knoxvillefashionweek for an amazing week.  What an incredible group to work with. Thanks to the amazing designers

Gown Designer: Rose Sharifi 

-Caroline K

I said it before and I'll say it again!  Without Gage, I wouldn't be the actor I am today. Much love to all my fellow actors and team members at Gage! Also to my mentor and teacher Joy Morris. ❤

-Tristan Franklin

Kaelyn just landed a role in a short film!🎬 Proud of you kiddo! Thank you Gage Models & Talent Agency for all you do for my girl!❤️

-Tina Rindom

We loved working with your talent!



Hi! Gage family,  I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you all have done for me. I have learned so much from all of you. I'm Grateful that y'all helped me made amazing new model friends. I wouldn't be where I am right now in my Modeling career without y'all, so thank you for that. 

Benita R 
Gage alumni 

-Benita R

Received after the talent shoot they booked through the Agency:



Thank you so much. You were a pleasure to work with and everyone was wonderful.


I look forward to working together in the future. 



Social Media Manager

-Sugarlands Distilling Co.

Review from Gage teen talent Lauryn M:

Today I booked my fourth job this week with Gage Talent Agency!! I am so thankful for all the support they give and all the hard work they put in for their talent! I have learned so much and had so many amazing opportunities this past year being signed with Gage! Can’t wait to see what the future holds! #teamgage

-Lauryn M

Thank you for all of the fun the last 2 years!!

- Vanessa (mom of Sophia, pictured left from her agency booking for Niswonger)

-Sophia L

I loved being a part of the photoshoot last Sunday. Thank you SO very much. Everyone was so kind and professional and it was all so efficient! 

-Jessica M

I had so much fun last night at the fashion show! I wanted to send my thanks to you and the team who made it possible. That was my first fashion show. Everyone was so kind. And the feeling you get at the end of the runway when all the lights flash is unreal! I have never experienced that before! 

-Laryssa J

Thank you for being amazing! We are always grateful!!

Mom to talent Carter G, pictured on set of a recent commercial booking! 

-Carter G

We have had a wonderful experience with you and have loved everything we have been involved with through Gage.                                                                                                                                                              Thanks,                                                                                                                                                          Jenny Lawson

-Kaitlyn L

Thank you so much!! Bella had an absolute blast at the photo shoot!! She was on cloud 9!!  Everyone was so nice and so wonderful to work with!! Thanks again for a great day!

Karen (mom to talent Bella)

-Bella B

Thank you very much!  Ava is loving Gage!
Maleaha (Mom of talent Ava E)

-Ava E

Branton is truly enjoying his experience with you guys at Gage and you all have been so nice and helpful!!! We really appreciate all the work you do!!

Kristi - (Branton’s mom)

-Branton S

As posted to her Facebook page:

I am so proud to be a Gage Model!  I booked my first role in a movie one week after being signed on!  If you would have told me I'd be a model/actor a year ago, I would have never believed it.  But change is a wonderful thing and I am beyond happy I took this journey.  Thank you

-Amber Springs

I wanted to gratefully thank you for giving me such good designers. I had an absolute ball and excited for the rest of the week! Thanks again for the opportunity!

-Jenette K

Thank you for always being so nice to me and for letting me be part of Gage! It blessed my life! Always here for you.   Blessings

-James Dillon

Good morning Rachele!
So glad to hear everyone enjoyed themself—we always have awesome talent from Gage, but everyone was so patient and in character yesterday. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate that!


-Commercial Producer Kelsey K

I just finished the commercial from last week. The client is thrilled.

As always, thank you so much for all your help and your excellent talent.

-K Cole Productions

I so miss working with Gage!  I used to live in Atlanta and Rachel helped sign me and it was literally the best few years of my life!  I moved to New York and had to sadly leave you guys but much love to the team!

-Lindsey Monet

Loving it!

Just wanted to share a little picture of my first day (On set filming). Thank you guys so much ! Its a blast !!

-Jarrod B

They are very exciting and happy to teach everyone about acting and modeling. Thank you for making my Granddaughters day 😃

As posted to the reviews on Gage Models & Talent Facebook page 

-Regina Holland

Parent of Noah- Zhwan Kurdi-

Lovely people to work with😍
- As posted to the Gage Models & Talent Agency Facebook page

-Noah K

A wonderful group of fun and prepared professional leaders!!! 
If you want to further your career; then I highly recommend to all family and friends; 
Gage Model & Talent Agency 
Will lead you on the right path to be successful in this competitive industry!
As posted on the Agency Facebook page

-Matt Muncy

We love them here.  All interactions have been exceptional.  Everything is explained in great detail so that you know exactly what is expected of you and them.
Posted by Lauren’s mom Lara Harwood to the Gage Models & Talent Agency Facebook page 

-Lauren H

Thanks for 3 great years with your agency! My contract with Gage expired last year and despite choosing to move on, Jaime the owner continues to support me in my dreams and aspirations and at this moment I am on the verge of signing with a new agency thanks to her encouragement and help. All the best to Jaime and everyone else at Gage!

As posted on the Gage Models & Talent Agency Facebook page 

-Chris Bath

Thankful for the opportunity to sign with a GREAT local company that offers such exciting benefits. The leadership of the Acting Classes conducted by the accredited staff is second to none. You WILL learn the business. As well as the Agents that are continuously booking talent for roles around the country. The benefits the children receive put them in a different light from all the rest. Building self confidence today is extremely important for US ALL...                      

WE ARE BLESSED. - Gerald Edgell 

As posted to the Gage Models & Talenr Agency Facebook page 

-Gerald E

My daughter loves everyone at gage and has learned so much!

Review by Jennifer Bautsch as posted on the Gage Models & Talent Agency Facebook page 

-Genna B

I wish I could give 6 stars! If your serious about your talent, plus have the drive, passion and dedication that it don't walk and get on board with the absolute best talent agency in the southeastern United States.

As reviewed on the Gage Models & Talent Agency Facebook page

-Max Ganly Photography

I am in Development and going through the classes they offer.  The Acting Coachs are just incredible!  They really want me to be the best I can and push in the right ways, that really help and motivate me to get better and better as an actor.  LOVE IT!!!!

Review posted on the Gage Models & Talent Agency Facebook page 

-Kevin W

I have personally worked and professionally worked with Gage for over seven years now and have yet to be disappointed with the level of talent and the execution with which they bring forth a production on any scale… I cannot say enough about how much they have helped my work become even better… I highly highly highly recommend Gage! 
As reviewed on Gage Models & Talent Agency Facebook 

-Designer Donovan Swick

We love Gage!!! My daughter has been with this agency since she was 4 years old! Jamie and Rachele are the most amazing women I have ever met! They take so much pride in making this agency so successful! Team Gage is always friendly!!! #Gagekids

I also believe that you get what you put into it! If you don't work for auditions and put in for casting calls then you won't get any.  #teamgage4life

-Sheri Lynn Maust for Madison M

Gage has already given me so many opportunities! They are very helpful and caring about their talent! I have referred so many friends to GĀGE and will continue to do so!💙

-Krystal C

The connections you get through the agency are simply not available to the general public. The Director and Owners of the Agency are wonderful! kind and resourceful in keeping the agency beneficial for new and developed talent.

-Brian K McQuain Photography

Super helpful and very responsive to messages. They have a lot of opportunities to gain experience. My daughter absolutely loves doing all the fashion shows. She has made a lot of valuable connections. Her confidence has grown tremendously.

Stacey Norton

-Jarym N

I love Gage! I love it so much that I have referred 3 people who are now working models!! I have been booked for print, runway, commercials and a movie in such a short time. They work extremely hard, and they give you the tools to succeed! Best decision I have ever made. They are not just my agency, they are my family 💕

-Shelby B

The folks at Gage are absolutely amazing! They are very professional and also well established! Whether you are new to the industry, or seasoned professional talent, they definitely have the connections and resources to get you booked! Highly Recommend! A+

-Eric Glasgow

Gage Talent is a phenomenal agency and a joy to work with. They work hard and are dedicated to making sure that their talent are successful too. It was an honor to have them in my film but most of all a blessing. I look forward to working with them again! Thank you for all you do for the actors/actresses Rachele!

-Gunter Sanderson Falcon Creek Entertainment

I am booked for multiple days on Stranger Things the week after Thanksgiving!!! Yay! I'm so excited!!! Thank you so much!!


-Tracy P.

"Rachele, Thank you for keeping me busy!"

-Corey M.

"Everything went wonderful today!!!!! By far the best photo shoot. Tell them all they're incredible. Thank you for this opportunity again."

-Oliva D.

"Auditions went really well - you rep some really great people. We’ll have selects for you by tomorrow!"

-Tiffany from Sequitur TV

"Rachele!!!!!! It's a beautiful commercial and I am SO PROUD to be a part of it. Thank you thank you thank you."

-Chloe Z.

Good evening, I just wanted to let you know that I am very thankful for your efforts to ensure quality type audition's. As you are aware that I am still learning more and more each role I'm cast in, each audition and runway event. Learning the process and procedures is in itself quite the experience. 16 months ago I came to GAGE and invested in the possibility of learning about the business in acting and modeling. Completely different from anything else I have done. I've seen more than I imagined possible in the short amount of time about this business. So, I'm just trying to say to you and GAGE, thank you very much for believing in me and allowing me to learn more. Experience is the best teacher. Of course Ms. Joy is too! Tough as nails. Thank you again!

-Gerald E.

Thanks for the love and support Gage Talent! You Guys Rock!!!!!

-Michelle H.

Rachele, So the other night I’m on set working on Still the King. I am playing the bouncer at a bar that the girls are trying to get into. So during rehearsal one of the girls stand in's asks if I'm from Knoxville, because I look familiar. I explain that I'm from Nashville, but have done a few shows in Knoxville. She then says you're with Gage aren't you, so am I! So short story long, Gage people are everywhere! Also asked me about TWD, which I hadn't told anyone about, because you get sworn to secrecy. While I was at STK I got a call to come to Atlanta the next morning and Photo Double for the villain on MacGyver. That was awesome!

-Chad J.

Hey Rachele! I just realized I never said thank you for all you did with the last simplicity job. Thank you!

-Rosie M.

Hey Rachele!!! Fun and educational shoot!! Thanks a bunch!!!! Keep them coming, we appreciate you!! All the models/talent today were so nice and professional, it's always nice meeting new people!!!

-Jennifer M.

"Jaime, Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I met so many wonderful people including you. You did such a wonderful job and you were extremely professional. That's hard to find in this industry. Please keep me in mind for anything else in the future. I wish you all the best. Thank you again."

-Stephen Curd of GaricStephens label

"Thank you Jaime Hatcher Hemsley and the whole Gage team for encouraging us, coaching Kaelyn and taking us to NYC! This is where it all started and we are very thankful for all the love and support from Gage and our fellow Gagers!"

-Tina R. mom of Kaelyn, recently signed onto Nickelodeon

"HUGE Thank you to the BEST agency ever, Gage Models and Talent for making my dreams come true when signing me a year ago! And thank you Sarah Merrell for referring me! It is so super crazy that I have come so far in a year! From television shows, to commercials, print ads, and Fashion Weeks on the runway, not to mention the training! If you want the best folks, this is where you go! I can't wait for the many more years to come! I love you all! #teamgage "

-Ginger W.

"I am in love with Gage. I feel they prepared me exceptionally well to get started in this industry, and the training courses were amazing. I learned so much and my instructor was amazing. Even afterward, she still stays in contact with the models she has taught and is more than a teacher, but a friend. I sped through my training courses and signed my 3 year contract not too long after. Within 2 weeks, I was booked on a paid modeling gig. Rachele and Jaime find all kinds of opportunities for their talent, and not only support you on a professional level, but a personal one as well. Every week, we also have countless opportunities to submit ourselves for other castings on the website. I couldn't be happier with my choice to come here, and it has positively impacted my life, self-confidence, and social networking skills. Not only that, but on my very first shoot, I met my favorite photographer I have ever worked with! He was amazing. They work with the best photographers and hair and makeup artists! I highly suggest Gage!"

-Kandee W.

"Gage Models and Talent has done wonderful things for my modeling and acting endeavors. The staff is great to work with, they work very hard for their talent. I'm very grateful to them and highly recommend Gage!"

-Sarah Merrell

"I have been a very happy client of Gage Model and Talent Agency for two years now. They are absolutely amazing at what they do. Through the years I have worked with other talent agencies that never went to bat for me once. Understand I am a 39 year old actor and nowhere close to a model...that did not stop Gage, they didn't shut the door in my face and laugh.

Infact they dug in and saw where my talent lay and have continually has found me work since. If you believe in yourself and have talent in any way, shape or form, do yourself a favor and contact Gage Model and Talent Agency. Trust me, your time will not have been ill spent."

-Max Ganly

"Gage supplies my events with models and they are always top notch! I tell them what I'm looking for and WOW, they over deliver each and every time. I've made friends with many of these models over the years and several of them have moved on to bigger markets with bright futures in the industry."

-Virginia Adams

"I love Gage Talent!!! Being from Knoxville Tennessee and living and working in Hollywood, Gage Talent provides people the opportunity to be seen in larger markets as well as booking their talent across the country and locally. Jaime and her staff are my favs! They are the best for anyone looking to work or get into the entertainment industry."

-Richie Walls

"In the industry of modeling, acting, showbiz in general, making it to the top isn't done by selfish work, cocky attitudes, nor individual agendas. It's all about teamwork.

Teamwork with a group that works hard for you, stays up at late hours, and gives you big opportunities. Going to NYC has honestly changed my life and I feel so good about joining this industry. I am so blessed to have the team that I have. So thank you, all of you, for your love and hardwork. ‪#‎teamgage‬ I'm on fire and ready to run with the blessings I've been given!"

-Adam S.

"I just wanted to send you a quick email expressing how happy I am to be apart of Gage. I saw my episode of Snapped last night and I just had to email you and say Thanks to you and everyone else at Gage. I can't wait to see what the future holds!"

-Darius J.

"I had a great time today! My first photoshoot! It was exhilarating and tiring! Thanks so much to the people Gage Models & Talent Agency for being so amazing!"

-Emily R.

"From growing up poor to sleeping in my car at night living with people I don't know being told I was worthless but God never left me and now he has blessed me to play my first role on a national televised TV show on oxygen called snapped God is truly amazing he can use anyone just take faith an CRAZY Ambition love for him and a hard working agent Rachele Bailey and gage talent thanks so much for what you do for everyone and myself just want to continue to get better and GET my dream to become a famous well know actor it's all for God everyone else and myself thank you so much "

-Xavier B.

"This TUESDAY!! I'm so excited and so blessed to be with @gagetalent that got me this job! I'll be appearing on the national aired TV show Homicide Hunters! So yeah catch me on TV this Tuesday at 9:00pm Eastern Time! I also wanna say thanks to Jesus for being super cool and for giving me this dream to share with the world!"

-Kelsey H.

"I had a wonderful time on set the other day! This was the most challenging thing I've ever done actingwise. It was worth it! I had so much fun! It was fun getting to see Colin and meeting so many new people! Everyone was so nice and therapeutic on set! Thank you Rachele Bailey, Jaime Hatcher Hemsley, and Brent Hemsley for this lovely opportunity! "

-Kenton P.

"Chattanooga Fashion Week is over ... And I'm exhausted! Been a busy week Had the pleasure of walking tonight for Legends and Jewelry by Tracy. Another great night! Thank you to the team at Gage for giving me this opportunity! Love you all!"

-Kim S.

"Mom to our talent Kaelinn S. I am so proud of these young talented people! As I mom, I feel so blessed to have Kaelinn with ‪#‎teamgage‬! I feel like we are with family! I love watching these talented people work so hard and be successful! Rachele Bailey you are an angel! Love you and am so proud of you: Emily and Adam B. Stair!

Jaime Hatcher Hemsley and Brent Hemsley you are the best! Hugs and tears of joy! PTL!‪#‎gageplacement‬ ‪#‎gagetalent‬ I am looking forward to watching what is to become of Gage Models & Talent Agency, the future is looking good!"

-LoganAnne M.

"Weekend full of modeling. It's been an amazing 3 days, first at Asheville Fashion Week and then wrapping it up at The Pink Bride Show. Thank you ‪#‎teamgage‬ for your awesome hard work. We couldn't ask for better!!"

-Kat W.

"I want to take a minute and thank all of you for making this experience for Kaelinn and I so enjoyable. Thank you for allowing Mom to tag along and most of all thank you for creating a loving encouraging atmosphere for these creative beautiful people to thrive! I am so glad Kaelinn is with Gage Talent- you really love her and all your people. Thank you for being professional!"

-L. McCullough

"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job in the Introduction To Modeling class on Saturday. I was so impressed with how you motivated the kids and praised them with kind words and high-fives. She really enjoyed herself so much, that is all she talked about all weekend. Thanks again for all you do!"

-Tiffany G.

"I want to thank you so much for everything you do. I came for the photo shoot yesterday and Deidre was so professional and so nice. The photographer was amazing and so friendly as as the hair and make up woman. Even just being there for that small head shot shoot was like like a dream come true for me. Gage is amazing and I am grateful to all of you. Thank you."

-Tamara M.

"I was once in Gage and I absolutely loved it!!! They are amazing and they really know how too help out!"

-Sarah S.

"Jordan P. is a true beauty! Awesome agency"

-Dale P.

"They provide lots of opportunities for my daughter."

-Donna R.

"I'm still in shock of all the many exciting things I've done in just a single year. The friendships, the cameras, and runways. I've prayed, cried, laughed, and prayed some more!! Gage Knoxville has helped me oh so very much. I've learned tons and continue to keep growing.

As a kid I dreamed and I'm still dreaming. So I've decided to throw a bunch of memories together. Yeah I've gained weight, cut my hair, and had eye surgery, but one thing remains true and that's who I am.

I love and will always love, I fight for others and I'll never stop. I adore the magic that goes into the industry I'm in. I truly thank every single one of you that's been so supportive and loving. I leave for NYC this month and I'm so excited to see what's next. "Who knows what lies ahead, so I'm going to surf these waves of Cali until I land on the beach, and who knows where I'll go from there" Jaime Hatcher Hemsley and Rachele Bailey thank you for everything!!"

-Adam S.

"This is a tremendous organization ran by outstanding people."

-Richard M.

"I had the opportunity to work with Gage during Knoxville Fashion Week. Super organized, great staff and well put together. You would have thought that the event was something straight out of New York and not a local charity event! Looking forward to working with them again!"

-Lewis P.

"Really enjoying my time and experience with Gage"

-Brad W.

"Loved it! They are the nicest people I have ever met."

-Ashley P.

"Great opportunities for those pursuing their dream."

-Jim T.

"I interviewed at Gage on October 20th and was offered a contract that same day. I turned in my signed contract on October 27th, and only 2 days later was invited to audition for a commercial! It's safe to say that I'm thoroughly impressed by the staff at Gage and I'm excited to see what opportunities are in store for me in the future!"

-Bing F.

"Gage is a wonderful Talent agency and they are really friendly people who take the needed time to help you with things you need to work on or coach you on how to better yourself with things you have already worked on It's GREAT!"

-Jehah M.

"The overall process of going through everything has been pleasant and I hope that my daughter is encouraged to do even more as they break her from her shell! They opened her up at the meeting and I know they will do even more awesome work as she progresses. "

-Ambur C.

"I have been with Gage for about 2 months and I think they are a perfect choice to start out with! :) Everyone is super friendly. Love them! "

-Raileen S.

"Gage has become another home/family for me to better my craft with. Thank you Gage. Woo!"

-Joseph L.

"Wonderful people and loads of fun to work with! Thank you!"

-Photographer Kurt Weiss

"Brent, Thank you for the chance to participate in the 2016 Knoxville Fashion Week. I so enjoyed spending time with you and #Teamgage It was such fun. You and Jaime create a fun fashion experience that gets better each year. I am so proud and happy to be involved. Thank you!"

-Kurt Weiss

"The hardest working agency in town! Personalized, straight from the heart attention. Love working with everyone at Gage."

-Pat N.

"GĀGE is so incredible! They make sure everyone is going into the career that they want. And put the care of their talents first!"

-Grace J.

"Awesome agency! They work very hard for their Talent. Very trustworthy. Our daughter has been very blessed to have had the amazing experiences that Gage has exposed her to. Locally, Los Angeles and New York...experiences that were all so very positive. She has gained so much confidence in herself, thanks to the classes that Gage offered. I feel it's the best investment that we could have made for her future. Thank you, so much, GAGE Talent. I highly recommended!"

-Kat W.

"Professional, successful agents with positive and humble attitudes"

-Michelle H.

"Gage is the best! They gave me an opportunity to follow and fulfill my dreams. Love my Gage family "

-Kim S.

"Gage has helped me reach my full potential! Not only as a talent but as a person! Jaime and Rachele truly believe in their talent and that faith has stirred up so much confidence within me! That's something I'll carry for the rest of my life! "

-Leslie T.

"Gage Talent Agency is an excellent confidence builder, and I am truly honored to be involved!"

-James B.

"The short time I've been here I've noticed how hard the staff and owner's work to make others dreams possible and for that I am grateful. Coming from my background I didn't know where to start to pursue my dreams and they opened the door for me and taught me a lot of valuable things, so thank you for what you do "

-Nathan S.

"Words cannot express my gratitude towards the entire Gage team! "

-Frank H.

"I was just recently accepted by Gage and currently in development but have really enjoyed the classes and being with my colleagues. Joy Moore is a great acting teacher. Can't wait to see what is going to happen in the future being a part of Gage Talent."

-Chris B.

"Gage it's the best! And I'm so happy to be the one of Gage Agency!"

-Merick M.

"Everyone at Gage cares about you and your future! Love Gage SO much! I competed at IMTA LA 2015 and I'm now signed in New York City and I can't thank Gage enough for giving me that opportunity!"

-Kelsey H.

"Always amazed at the level of talent & high standards Gage Talent brings to every event. Very professional agency with top notch models! "

-Ashley T.

"Rachele is the bomb diggity! If you live in or around Knoxville, this is the place to start!"

-Shawn C.

"Joshua had a great time and learned a lot from Ms. Tracy this past weekend. She was so nice, down-to-earth, simply amazing! I can certainly see why she was chosen to teach. She's really, really good."

-Kentrell L.

"Hi! Attached is Jeramias with the filming crew on today! Thank you so much for this opportunity Rachele! You are the best! Can't wait for more work!"

-Kimberly L.

"My name is Joseph David I am a student of Gage and I would just like to say that working with Tom Logan for these past three days has been an absolute privilege thank you Tom Logan for your time and thank you Gage Models & Talent Agency for making it possible to have Tom Logan teach us for the three days that he was able."

-Joseph David

"We had a great time (filming)! They said Braylyn did great and she had an awesome time thanks for the opportunity!"

-Shirley R.

"Had a blast working on Snapped Killer Couples and enjoyed watching it last night. Huge thank you to Gage Talent"

-Judd D.

"I brought my daughter, Aeriel, to your Cedar Bluff office last night and I would like to express my complete Thanks. I was most impressed with The Staff, especially Claire's Welcome and Dierdra's Tips. I look forward to working with you in the future. "

-Tyrone S.

"You have no idea how much you've made my life better! I was literally NEXT to Christina (Aguilara) yesterday, literally in the same frame and talked to her!! I had a crush on her since 1999!! Lol. I got to shake her hand too! Easily top 5 idols I've wanted to meet; 4 left! Sorry to sound like a schoolgirl lol. Thanks Rachele! "

-Frank H.

"I just wanted to thank you all for letting Aria be apart of Gage and fashion week this year and for finding a designer she could be a part of at her just being one- It means a lot! I’m so glad she got to do something and I’m surprised she done good and didn't cry or run off! Great show "

-Sierra H.

"Thanks again for all your “blood, sweat & tears” you give for Fashion Week. We don’t know how you do it, but you do an awesome job!"

-Melissa and Emily D.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to intern at Knoxville Fashion Week! I had such a great time working, planning and assisting in the weekes before & at KFW! Thanks again for the opportunity & it was great working with you!"

-Katie L.

"On behalf of (label) Cashmir, we truly appreciate the continuous support from your Agency. You have amazing models. You have become a fashion family to our brand. We look forward to the working relationship to come!"

-Michael L designer

"Gage Talent Team, Thank you all so much for inviting me to be a part of Chattanooga Fashion Week. The venue was gorgeous and the models were a pleasure to work with. Please continue all of your hard work. You truly are a pioneer in advancing the fashion industry in the South. I hope to be able to be in more events in the future"

-Jenifer Sanabria, designer

"Thank you for helping me to make my dreams come true!"

-Kristen P.

"Fashion Board runway - They had a Great time!!! Thank you Gage for giving her the training and confidence she needed to shine on the runway and thank you Claire Queisser for giving us great runway experiences to meet new friends and have fun! "

-MaryAnn F.

"Sophia had the BEST time at Asheville Fashion Week! Meeting new friends like AJ and Tawny made the Memories even more special!! :) We are very thankful that Gage Models & Talent Agency gives our young models these wonderful opportunities! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Knoxville Fashion Week, It’s a great thing for Knoxville"

-Carlie M.

"Thanks for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing event. The team and I enjoyed Fashion Week 2016! We are looking forward to next year."

-Danielle W of Salon Roche

"I just wanted to say thank you for allowing Blakely to participate in AFW. She had an absolute blast! Everyone was so friendly and kind, just like you said. It was amazing to see the work of all the talented designers, photographers, models, and hair & makeup artists. We really enjoyed it!"

-Amy B.

"Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this event! I absolutely loved it:) And I met some great people :) I feel very lucky! "

-Jennifer Canino Designer

"Thank you again for the opportunity and being always so professional and sweet ! You have such talented team! "

-Angel Blanco Designer

"I wouldn’t be modeling in fashion week’s if it wasn’t for (Jaime). She had a vision and she gave so many girls the opportunity to live their dreams, so thank you Jaime. And I wouldn’t be modeling at all if it wasn’t for Claire she lives fashion. She took a chance on a lil 9 year old kid. These are some great women!"

-Deborah W.

"I had the pleasure of volunteering for this past Fashion Week in Knoxville. I had such a great time! The shows were phenomenal and I gained a lot of insight as to how these productions are executed. I loved styling the models and assisting with prep work for the shows. As a stylist, personal shopper and artist at heart, I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to be apart of a show that appreciates style and fashion as art. It was alot of work but I enjoyed every minute!"

-Kenya P.

"I had a blast (at KFW)! The designers, the Gage team, photographers...ya'll were all so sweet and encouraging! I really appreciate the opportunity and I am looking forward to the next!"

-Brittany H.

"Good afternoon, 
Our shoot with Lindsey is concluded and she did a fabulous job! We liked her so much, we'd like to invite her back for our holiday shoot! I'll be in touch again soon about that, as we're looking to schedule it around September/October. She and I spoke about it and she's already excited about it. I just sent her payment. When the book cover design is complete, I'll forward a copy to you for her to have for her portfolio and social media sharing, etc. 
Thanks again!"

-Mosaic S

"Hailey loved working on Steel Country set yesterday! 
Thank you so much for submitting her name! 
She has talked of nothing else. Please keep her in mind for other similar opportunities.

Thanks again"

-Cheryl G.

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