#TeamGage Success

Gage Models and Talent has successful models and talent all around the world, see what their successes have been up to lately.



Gage Talent's Genna B and LaNiyla S were booked on a national photo shoot for Smilemakers!


Gage Talent's Frank H, Jared L, Jesse W, Ameelah R, and Bing F were booked on a shoot for BB&T!


Gage Talent's Jafet M was booked on a video/print shoot for Moonpie!

LG Appliances

Gage Talent's Braylyn R was booked on a shoot for LG Appliances!

Forever 21

Gage Talent's Asha G, Alex R, Marissa H, and Athena B were booked on a shoot for Forever 21!


Gage Talent's Rachel S was booked on a shoot for Petsafe!

Clayton Homes

Gage Talent's Jessica C and Carter G were booked on a shoot for Clayton Homes!

Malibu Boats

Gage Talent's Jim R and Victoria R were booked on a shoot for Malibu Boats!

Texas Pete Hot Sauce

Gage Talent’s Summitt C, Frank H, Nicole E, and Jessica C for their booking on a shoot for Texas Pete media 

Drake's Cakes

Gage Talent's Fenicia J, Rachel S, Owen G, Addianne G, Jared L, and Zachary G were booked on a shoot for Drake's Cakes!

West Knox Lifestyle Cover!

Gage models Nicole E and Steven M are on the cover of West Knoxville Lifestyle Magazine 

CC&T Eyes

Gage Talent's Bing F was booked on a shoot for CC&T Eyes!


Gage Talent's Linda A and Michael Scott T were booked on a shoot for Pedal!

Charlotte Fashion Week Bridal Runway

Gage models Trinity M and Shelby B at Charlotte Fashion Week on the bridal runway 

Wilderness at the Smokies

Gage Talent’s Yordan G for Wilderness at the Smokies!  

Feature Film Eternity

Gage Talent’s Madison M for the film Eternity 

Rural 1st Ad

Gage Talent’s Adam A and Addianne G for their booking on a shoot for Rural 1st 

Humble Connor Designs

Gage model Emery G for Humble Connor

Charlotte Fashion Week 
New York Fashion Week 

@Work Commercial

Gage Talent’s Brittney B and Steven M for @Work 

Belleza Annual Runway Event

Multiple Gage models will hit the runway September 8 for Belleza Salon and Spa 

New York Fashion Week

Multiple Gage models are in NYC this week for New York Fashion Week

Pictured:  Athena B

Brides, Grooms & Emergency Rooms

Gage Talent’s Elizabeth P on TLC’s Brides, Grooms & Emergency Rooms!

Designer Runway

Gage model Enrique T for Maurice Brown designs, photo by Careese Robinson

Charlotte Fashion Week 

Charlotte Fashion Week

Gage Child Talent Genna B at Charlotte Fashion Week 

Panda Bear It Film

Gage Talent's Jeremias H was booked for the role of Marcus on the upcoming film "Panda Bear It"!

Farm Bureau Commercial

Gage Talent's Jodi G was booked on a commercial for Farm Bureau!

SAG Film

Over 50 Gage talent were booked as featured roles in a SAG film!

Main Role in SAG Film

Gage Talent's John C was booked as a main role in a SAG film!

Law Firm Commercial

Gage Talent's Jennifer M was booked on a law firm commercial!

Heart and Vascular Care Commercial

Gage Talent's Paulette C was booked on a heart and vascular care commercial!


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