#TeamGage Success

Gage Models and Talent has successful models and talent all around the world, see what their successes have been up to lately.



Gage Talent's Frank H, Jared L, Jesse W, Ameelah R, and Bing F were booked on a shoot for BB&T!


Gage Talent's Jafet M was booked on a video/print shoot for Moonpie!

LG Appliances

Gage Talent's Braylyn R was booked on a shoot for LG Appliances!

Forever 21

Gage Talent's Asha G, Alex R, Marissa H, and Athena B were booked on a shoot for Forever 21!


Gage Talent's Rachel S was booked on a shoot for Petsafe!

Clayton Homes

Gage Talent's Jessica C and Carter G were booked on a shoot for Clayton Homes!

Malibu Boats

Gage Talent's Jim R and Victoria R were booked on a shoot for Malibu Boats!

Texas Pete Hot Sauce

Gage Talent’s Summitt C, Frank H, Nicole E, and Jessica C for their booking on a shoot for Texas Pete media 

Drake's Cakes

Gage Talent's Fenicia J, Rachel S, Owen G, Addianne G, Jared L, and Zachary G were booked on a shoot for Drake's Cakes!

West Knox Lifestyle Cover!

Gage models Nicole E and Steven M are on the cover of West Knoxville Lifestyle Magazine 

CC&T Eyes

Gage Talent's Bing F was booked on a shoot for CC&T Eyes!


Gage Talent's Linda A and Michael Scott T were booked on a shoot for Pedal!

Charlotte Fashion Week Bridal Runway

Gage models Trinity M and Shelby B at Charlotte Fashion Week on the bridal runway 

Wilderness at the Smokies

Gage Talent’s Yordan G for Wilderness at the Smokies!  

Feature Film Eternity

Gage Talent’s Madison M for the film Eternity 

Rural 1st Ad

Gage Talent’s Adam A and Addianne G for their booking on a shoot for Rural 1st 

Humble Connor Designs

Gage model Emery G for Humble Connor

Charlotte Fashion Week 
New York Fashion Week 

@Work Commercial

Gage Talent’s Brittney B and Steven M for @Work 

Belleza Annual Runway Event

Multiple Gage models will hit the runway September 8 for Belleza Salon and Spa 

New York Fashion Week

Multiple Gage models are in NYC this week for New York Fashion Week

Pictured:  Athena B

Brides, Grooms & Emergency Rooms

Gage Talent’s Elizabeth P on TLC’s Brides, Grooms & Emergency Rooms!

Designer Runway

Gage model Enrique T for Maurice Brown designs, photo by Careese Robinson

Charlotte Fashion Week 

Charlotte Fashion Week

Gage Child Talent Genna B at Charlotte Fashion Week 

Panda Bear It Film

Gage Talent's Jeremias H was booked for the role of Marcus on the upcoming film "Panda Bear It"!

Farm Bureau Commercial

Gage Talent's Jodi G was booked on a commercial for Farm Bureau!

SAG Film

Over 50 Gage talent were booked as featured roles in a SAG film!

Main Role in SAG Film

Gage Talent's John C was booked as a main role in a SAG film!

Law Firm Commercial

Gage Talent's Jennifer M was booked on a law firm commercial!

Heart and Vascular Care Commercial

Gage Talent's Paulette C was booked on a heart and vascular care commercial!


Gage Talent's Bing F was booked on a shoot for TVA!


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