#TeamGage Success

Gage Models & Talent represents and books successful models, actors, and industry pros. See what they have been up to lately:


Go Glamorous salon look book

Gage models were featured in the Go Glamorous look book - Myranda M. and Courtney B. (also on a billboard)

Dollywood Ads

Gage model Shannon G. for Dollywood! Her picture can be seen on Wendy's cups, billboards and promotional items for Dollywood

Makeup Academy Shoot

Behind the scenes with Gage models at the agency shoot for WarPaint Makeup Academy models shootout! Looking great Gage model Erica S!

First Friday Fashion Models

Gage Models and Talent Agency fashion models all in a line for a First Friday in store modeling promotion!

Luv CC Swimwear

Gage model Nikita C. for Luv CC Swimwear

Payton T.

Gage model Payton T. signed with New York Model Management and Vision LA after attending a talent convention in Los Angeles.

Amber D.

Gage model Amber D. signed with MMG NY

TV Commercial

Gage Talent model and actor Rick F was recently cast in another TV commercial!

Brittany C. for Local News

Gage model Brittany C. in a recent style segment airing on local news.

Vogue - web

Gage model Emily D. for Vogue website

PetSafe Print Ad

Gage model Dillon W for PetSafe

BoxBag Print Ad

Gage Model Mandy L. for Box Bag

Spokesmodel - Titanic Museum

Shannon G. as spokesmodel for the Titanic Museum

PetSafe Print and Online Ads

Shannon G. for PetSafe


Gage model Mandy L. for Petsafe

PetSafe Print Ad

Gage model and actress Shannon G. for PetSafe

Homicide Hunter

Gage actor Mark B. on set of the Discovery ID TV show Homicide Hunter

Boxbag Advertisement

Gage model Shannon G. for Boxbag print ad

Simplicity Shoot

Gage model Emily W. for Simplicity product packaging

Variable, Inc

Gage Talent's Anna S and Curtis G in a snapshot of their video booking for Variable, Inc

Home Federal Commercial

Gage Talent's Anton K, Sarah M, Tracy P, and Bing F are just a few of the many Gage talent booked on a Home Federal commercial!

History Channel's Vikings Promo

Gage Talent's Sarah M, Kyle B, Adam S, Kara M, Mashalle M and Alicia R booked a promo modeling job for The History Channel's Vikings


4 Gage models were booked to model for a Gap store

Nickelodeon Audition

Gage Talent's Drake L, Hayden C, Grace B, Kelsey H, Jack F, and Bayli A were all hand chosen to audition for a new Nickelodeon series!

Great George Watches

Gage Talent's Taylor M. for Great George Watches

Dapifer Magazine

Gage Talent's Taylor M got an 8 page spread in Dapifer magazine

Brooklyn Fashion Week

Gage Talent's Taylor M for Brooklyn Fashion Week

Killer Couples

Gage Talent's Emily T along with Hunter F, Rodney H, Liel K, Amiti L, James S, and Jack F were all booked on this episode of Snapped Killer Couples

Homicide Hunters

Gage Talent's Blake W and Mykail V were both booked on roles in this episode of Homicide Hunter

About A Mile Music Video

Gage Talent's Frank H starred in About a Mile's new music video "Taking Back" "737


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