#TeamGage Success

Gage Models & Talent represents and books successful models, actors, and industry pros. See what they have been up to lately:


Smart Toys and Books

Gage Talent's Aeva P, Aria S, Connor S, Jordan H, Bentley R, Lily M, Nasser A, Seth B, and Will C were booked on a commercial for Smart Toys and Books!

Behind the Scenes Pilot/Flying J

Gage Talent's Moustafa N and Orlando S had a blast behind the scenes for their booking on a photo shoot for Pilot/Flying J!


Gage Talent's Brylan D was booked on a shoot for Simplicity! 

Sneak Peek

Sneak peek of Gage Talent's Frank H, Jewel M, Damonique G, and Baylea P for their booking on a shoot for Xen by Rachele for a feature in HUSHH Magazine!

Salon Editorial Models Shoot

Gage Models and Talent Agency model Caroline T was booked on a models editorial shoot for a hot hair salon!

Bittersweet Lemons

Gage Talent's Jim R and Myranda M were booked on the short film "Bittersweet Lemons"! 

Provision Proton

Gage Talent's Rick F was booked on a commercial shoot for Provision Proton!

Autograph Signing

Gage Talent's Nicholas M was signing autographs with the Sidewalk Prophets for his booking on a short film they play during their concert tour!

Eastman Tritan Shoot BTS

Gage Talent's Ellen S behind the scenes for her booking on a shoot for Eastman/Tritan!

Boutique Photo Shoot

Gage Talent's Luanne S had a shoot for a boutique in AL!

Pilot/Flying J

Gage Talent's Orlando S and Moustafa N were booked on a shoot for Pilot/Flying J!

Knoxville Plumbing

Gage Talent's Gregory B was booked on a shoot for Knoxville Plumbing!

JTV Looks For Less

Gage Talent's Chloe Z, Rashanda M, and Shannon G were booked on a promo shoot for the new JTV show "Looks For Less"!

Smilemakers Catalogs

Gage Talent's Chloe Z, Ryder B, Summitt C, Briggs A, Tysen L, Casper P, Jordan H, Ellen S, Tim B, and Zoe K are all featured in the Spring catalogs for their booking on a shoot for Smilemakers!

Pigeon Forge Tourism

Gage Talent's Jennifer M, Travis S, Dillon W, Jeremias H, Makayla J, Corey M, Tonette H, Anna S, Todd S, Bailee B, and Joe B were booked on a shoot for Pigeon Forge Tourism!

My Pigeon Forge

Gage Talent's Skylar H, Ciarra H, Penny H, and Kenny H on their booking for My Pigeon Forge!

Magazine Cover

Gage Talent's Sophia F was on the cover of Model Source Magazine!

I, Tonya

Gage Talent's JoAnn R was booked on a role for the feature film I, Tonya starring Margot Robbie!

Black Panther

Multiple Gage talent were booked on roles for Marvel's Black Panther!

Bee Attitudes

Gage Talent's Michelle H is the face of Bee Attitudes!

Autism Awareness Music Video

Multiple Gage talent were booked on a music video for Autism Awareness!

Tritan By Eastman

Gage Talent's Ellen S was booked on a video shoot for Tritan by Eastman!


Gage Talent's Michael T, Paul L, Jennifer M, and Rick F were booked on a shoot for JetFast!


Gage Talent's Tysen L for his booking on a shoot for Smilemakers!

Harley Quinn Indie Film

Gage Talent's Meghanne H was booked as a lead role on a Harley Quinn indie film!


Gage Talent's Lindsey S was booked on a shoot for Smilemakers!


Gage Talent's Tracy P was booked on a shoot for JTV!

Wear It With Style

Gage Talent's Corey M, Chloe Z, and Ellen S were booked on a shoot for JTV's "Wear it With Style"!

Harley-Davidson Modeling

Gage Talent's Emily C and Masha B on location for their booking on a modeling job for Harley-Davidson!

Behind The Scenes - Feature Film

Gage Talent's Michelle H behind the scenes shooting a feature film!


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