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Monday, August 01 2022

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural shooting TikTok star Cristina Baker’s story.

Shoot is in Charlotte, NC Friday-Tuesday (depending on role) July 29-Aug 2nd.

*Submit headshot/full body shot, resume, location, contact to [email protected]

*Put name of role in subject line of email
*Please only submit if 100% available.
*Per diem and lodging and possible pay bump for talent depending on location, experience.

14 YR OLD CRISTINA BAKER / Lead / Female / 13 – 16 / Caucasian
Cristina at ages 14-16. Some emotional scenes. *Cutting scene. Strong actress. Cristina wore gothic clothing and looked goth at this time. Then was led to God.
Needed Monday Aug 1, 8am-3pm, 9pm-11pm
Tues, Aug 2nd, 8am-12pm and 6:30pm-10pm
Shoot Days: 2 Day
Rate: Paid / $250
Note: per diem and possible lodging depending on talent’s location.
*See pic – should resemble

TUES TEENS / Extra / Male or Female / 13 – 18 / Any Ethnicity
To play a goth or 1980s teen.
Needed Tues Aug 2, 6:30pm-10pm
Rate: Paid / $50
SAT AFTERNOON EXTRAS / Extra / Male or Female / 18 – 75 / African American
In scene where they are worshipping God.
Needed Sat July 30, 1:30pm-5pm
Rate: Paid / $50
MONDAY EXTRAS / Extra / Male and Female / 18 – 75 / Any Ethnicity
Church and airport extras.
Needed Monday Aug 1st, 8am-11am
Rate: Paid / $50
DRUG DEALER / Extra / Male / 20 – 30 / Any Ethnicity
Sells Cristina drugs.
Needed Sun July 31, 4:30pm-5:30pm
Rate: Paid / $50
FRIEND / Supporting / Female / 23 – 35 / Any Ethnicity
Cristina’s pregnant friend who comes to do drugs. *LINES also talks Cristina out of having abortion. Needed Sat July 30th, 8am-12pm
Rate: Paid / $100
EX-BOYFRIEND / Featured Extra / Male / 25 – 35 / Caucasian
Ex-boyfriend who sees Cristina’s ministry and starts to cry.
Needed Friday, July 29th, 6:30pm-11pm
Rate: Paid / $75 (USD) / Flat Rate
DARK FIGURE / Featured Extra / Male / 25 – 66 / Any Ethnicity
Dark figure that seems to come from ceiling during Christina’s drug experience. Needed Friday, July 29, 6:30pm-11pm
Rate: Paid / $75
HILROY / Supporting / Male / 27 – 35 / African American
*Lines, helps Cristina. Leads her to God.
Needed Sat July 30, 1:30pm-5pm
Rate: Paid / $100
ATTORNEY / Supporting / Female / 30 – 40 / Any Ethnicity
Cristina’s attorney. *Lines
Needed Sun July 31, 8am-12pm
Rate: Paid / $100
POLICE OFFICER / Supporting / Male / 30 – 40 / Any Ethnicity
Arrests Cristina for drugs. *Line
Needed Sun July 31, 1:30pm-4pm
Rate: Paid / $100
40 YR OLD FATHER / Supporting / Male / 38 – 48 / Caucasian
Cristina’s dad at 40. Former musician.
Needed Monday Aug 1st, 8am-11am, 9pm-11pm
Rate: Paid / $100 (
PROSECUTOR / Supporting / Male / 45 – 55 / Any Ethnicity
To play prosecutor who tries to get Cristina convicted. *Lines
Needed Sun July 31, 8am-12pm
Rate: Paid / $100 (USD)
SHARON HESS / Featured Extra / Female / 53 – 65 / Caucasian
Sharon Hess. Her and husband sit in church with Cristina.
Shorter reddish, auburn, or strawberry blonde hair.
Needed Monday Aug 1, 11am-12pm
Rate: Paid / $75
JIM HESS / Featured Extra / Male / 53 – 65 / Caucasian
To play Jim Hess.
Him and his wife sit in church with Cristina.
Gray or brown hair, balding.
Needed Monday Aug 1, 11am-12pm
Rate: Paid / $75
CRISTINA’S MOM / Supporting / Female / 55 – 65 / Caucasian
Cristina’s mom. *LINES prays over daughter
Shoulder length or shorter brown hair
Needed Fri, July 29 6:30pm-11pm and Tuesday, Aug 2, 1:30pm-2:30pm
Rate: Paid / $200
60 YR OLD MAN / Featured Extra / Male / 55 – 65 / Any Ethnicity
Man who watches Christina Baker’s testimony. Needed Sat July 30th, 1:30pm-5pm
Rate: Paid / $75
MALE JUDGE / Supporting / Male / 55 – 65 / Caucasian
Judge who hears Cristina’s case.
Needed Sun July 31, 8am-12pm
Rate: Paid / $100
ATHEIST FATHER / Supporting / Male / 55 – 65 / Caucasian
Atheist who came to Christ. Talks to Cristina in hospital. *Lines
Brown hair
Needed Mon Aug 1, 6pm-9pm
Rate: Paid / $100


Monday, August 01 2022


Twin Babies! 6 months old

Dates: Test Tue 8/2, Film Wed 8/3

Location: Conyers, GA

Film Rate: $300 per child per day (test pay $50, fitting pay $75)
This specialty BG role will be chosen by the episode’s director. Photos should be CURRENT and in good lighting. Filming will take place in Conyers next week. Guardians accompanying the minors will be required to take a COVID test prior to filming.
TWIN BABIES: Twins 6months old who portray CAUCASIAN. Please send a photo showing both children next to each other!
To submit, please send:
1. Children’s Names + DOB
2. Parent’s Name + Phone Number
3. Current Photos
4. Clothing size they wear
Send to: [email protected]
Subject Line: “TWIN BABIES”


Monday, August 01 2022


Ages 15-23 years old to play HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS


Covid test Date: TUESDAY AUGUST 2
Covid Test Rate: $22.00/2 (adults 18+), $25.00/2 (minors under 18)
Location: Union City, GA
Filming Rate: $88/8 hours (adults 18+), $100/8 hours (minors under 18) + overtime if necessary
Location: Atlanta, GA


ROLES: 15-23 year old male and female, all ethnicities,, to look like young HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS at a High School Dance. NO modern haircuts or styles as this takes place in the 1970s. NO visible tattoos. NO facial hair on guys.
More Info: Masks are required at all times unless filming.

Covid testing will take place in Union City between the hours of 6:30am and 2pm. Travel to location will not be reimbursed. Minor must be accompanied by guardian at all work engagements.

Submit to [email protected] with subject line ‘HS DANCE’
Emails must include the following:
-First & Last Name
-Phone Number
-Email Address
-Recent Color Headshot and Full Body
-Height, weight, pant size, shirt size, shoe size, waist measurement
-IF you are a MINOR-please include your GDOL #. ALSO – if you are a Minor – include your date of birth and parent name (Parent will also need to covid test)


Monday, August 01 2022

**NASHVILLE TN  - ESPN College Football – FEATURED

Project Type: Promo

Union Status: NON-UNION

Rate of Pay / Contract:

$150.00/8 hours 

Start Date(s): 08/02/2022, 08/03/2022 MUST BE AVAILABLE BOTH DATES

Shoot Location: NASHVILLE, TN

Usage: FULL BUYOUT, FULL USAGE includes in-perpetuity all media buyout.

Conflicts: None

Additional Project Info:

Location will be MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) in MURFREESBORO, TN. LOCAL area HIRES ONLY as production will not provide transportation or accommodation in Murfreesboro. MUST be able to work as Local Hire.

ALL BACKGROUND TALENT MUST BE ABLE TO SHOW PROOF OF COVID VACCINATION!!! Day of shoot all extras will be Rapid covid tested prior to entering set.

Male, black, age range 9-11 years old, conservative kid to play the younger brother in a family, outgoing with personality. Parent/Guardian MUST be on set at all times with child and must also be vaccinated & take covid test

Submit to [email protected] with subject line: FEATURED LITTLE BROTHER. Submissions MUST include ALL of the following: child first & last name, parent first & last name, child age and date of birth, contact number, height, weight, clothing sizes, city you are located in and a recent headshot and full body. Photos MUST be in color and be of you alone with no one else in photo, NO sunglasses, NO hats, NO filters and should be taken against a plain/solid color background!!

This will be Director selected and we do not want to submit anyone who isn’t fully available/might not show up! These are SMALL scenes and the Director will choose from the photo/headshot you submit. Please DO NOT SUBMIT IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE ON THIS DATE IF SELECTED!!!


408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Suite 100
Knoxville, TN 37923