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Saturday, July 02 2016

Colleague: a person who works with you : a fellow worker 
Featured African American male or a female to portray colleague. Should be between the ages of 18-27 years and have a studious look. 
*An interview for this role will be required.
Work date will be either 
June 1st, 2nd OR 3rd.

Caucasian female 'Queen Bee'-types ages 18-20s. Girls that know the world revolves around them and aren't afraid to remind you vocally or passive-aggressively. When submitting, please include at least one photo of you looking 'sassy' and at least one of you looking more 'preppy'. 
Works on June 10, 29, 30, July 1 & 2 
Must be available for ALL dates listed. 

Preppy Caucasian couples willing to kiss on camera! If you don't mind a little 'loss of gloss' on camera - this is for you two! Please include photos, names and contact information for both people. 
Subject: LIPS STICK 
Work date: TBD 

How good are you at 'balancing' your 'social life' on the weekend? Does it make you thirsty for some screen time? Submitting some guys that are great at faking a keg stand! Males between the ages of 18-20s of any ethnicity should apply!

Trio (or individuals) to comprise a karaoke band. Drummer, bassist and someone on keys. Must be an actual musician for the instrument you submit for. Please include which instrument you play and for how long and any achievements you may have playing it. 
Work date: TBD 

Males and females that know how to twerk it! Should be ages 18-20s. Please include a video or a link to a video of you twerking if possible. Or list any of your twerking/dancing experience in your submission. 
Subject: TWERKER 
Twerk date: TBD 

Real true nerd types ages 18-20s. NOT hipster-nerds. The more dorky and socially awkward-looking, the better! If you think you can pull off this look, please submit including at least one photo of yourself in all of your 'true nerd glory'. 
Subject: NERD HERD 
Works date: TBD 

Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com


Saturday, July 02 2016


 Roles for Bill Frost’s “Write About Me” Feature Film.

Carrie Garrison (LEAD) – Female, early twenties, college student prep type, long hair, glasses a great option. Carrie keeps herself up very well. She is smart, beautiful yet is stronger than she comes across to her friends. She has a confidence issue due to her abusive mother. Her goal is to become like William, a successful author of published works. She soaks up everything that William says and does. She has a “thing” for the Lead Male character “William Moore”, a horror author and University Professor she is a student under. Topless nudity MAY be required. Feign sex required for this role in one scene.

John (Supporting) – Male, early twenties, jock type but more on the leaner side than bulky. Average height. John seems to have a strong liking of Carrie, but Carrie is not interested in him. John is a jealous type but is also protective. John has good senses about him, especially when feeling out situations. He doesn’t have a good way of communication them however to his peers. John is confident and slightly arrogant. Overall however he is a likable character that seems to be the natural leader of the group; if Carrie isn’t running it that is.

David (Supporting) – Male, early twenties. More on the relaxed side compared to his male counter parts. Baggy jeans, music band shirts, longer hair. He likes to smoke weed and hang out with his girlfriend, Samantha. Dave is a slight jokester, especially at the wrong time. Dave is not a very strong character, physically. He has no intention of leading at all. He likes to have fun. Feign sex scene with Samantha. No nudity required.

Jerome (Supporting) – Male, early twenties. Jerome is openly gay. He is not flamboyant however but it is obvious that he is. He keeps to himself for the most part and doen’t seem to want to talk too much, unless it’s about something he really feels passionate about. Jerome is thin, short hair, well groomed and well dressed. He is smart and likes to think about things before he acts.

Samantha (Supporting) – Female, early twenties. Samantha is a slight “goth” type but pretty. She is not too over the top with the look. A hint. Maybe she has a purple stripe in her hair, a face piercing, tats, etc. Sam is full of life and a somewhat modern day hippie. She is not afraid of nature nor the natural order of things. Her boyfriend is David, who she adores very much. They are very close. Feign sex required. Topless nudity MAY be required for one scene.

Detective Dawson (Supporting) – Male, early forties. Detective Dawson is the lead investigator for a missing boy case. He will eventually be led to the group of college kids, later in the story. Looking for someone who is not too tall. Average height of about 5’10” or so. Prior law enforcement experience a plus. Dawson is very laid back and likable. He is patient and smart. He knows how to take care of business but in a respectful and professional manner.

Detective Young (Supporting) – Male, early forties. Working as an investigator for a missing boy case with Detective Dawson. He will eventually be led to the group of college kids, later in the story. He is physically strong, bulky build, clean shaven and clean in appearance. He is smart but tends to jump on things maybe a bit too quickly.

Joan (Supporting) – Female, late forties. She is the mother of Carrie. She is an alcoholic and a smoker. She looks the part of an addict who stays at home and does not work. She doesn’t take good care of herself. She is verbally abusive in nature towards her daughter.

Crazy Lady (Supporting) – Female, late forties. She is a homeless woman who attempts to pass on valuable information to Detective Dawson, but nobody takes her serious. She talks in a manner that doesn’t make sense to people which causes them to ignore her and even fear her a bit.

Christy (Supporting) – Female, early forties. She is a Professor at the same college that William teaches at. She is kind of a girlfriend to William, nothing too serious however. She cares for William very much though and comes across as wanting more from the relationship than William does.

Caleb (Supporting) – Male, College student of about 20 years old. Caleb opens up the story with William in the film. Caleb wields a knife at William, which doesn’t go to well for him.


Submit your headshot, resume and reel for consideration to Casting@gagetalent.com. In the SUBJECT line, List WRITE ABOUT ME: ROLE REQUESTED to be considered for an audition. You must be willing to work local in the Raleigh, NC area. Main Cast will be PAID.


Friday, July 01 2016

The Food Network show just premiered a few weeks back and is already looking ahead to season 2.  Cooks vs. Cons levels the playing field by making this a blind competition. Often times professional chefs compete, their reputations and experience precede them making an unbiased opinion of the food itself difficult. “Cooks Vs. Cons” takes care of that problem.  The competition is completely blind, no one knows who is competing or the skill level of the competition, not the cooks and not the judges.

The show’s host, Geoffrey Zakarian,has presided over some of the country’s top kitchens in the past 25 years. Currently, Geoffrey is chef/partner at The Lambs Club and The National in New York City as well as at The Water Club at Borgata in Atlantic City.

Think you have some mad skills in the kitchen that may be worth a $15,000 prize?

If so, submit to casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 01 2016

CBS - Brand new competition that will take ordinary Americans and send them on the run in a real life manhunt.

In today’s digital world, “disappearing” is next to impossible... or is it? Hunted will give participants the opportunity to put their know-how and skills to the test as some of the world’s most highly skilled investigators use state-of-the-art methods along with traditional tactics to find them. If you had to disappear, what would you do?

Submitting smart, adventurous TEAMS OF 2 to take on the challenge. If you or someone you know:
- has ever dreamed of going on the run
- wishes you could escape your mundane life and become the star of your own action movie
- think you have the skills to outsmart some of the nation’s most talented investigators
- has strong opinions about our nation’s surveillance programs 

Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 01 2016



Does your child have a genius level IQ?

Do they have a photographic memory? 

Is their spelling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? 

Submitting extremely bright kids between the ages of 8-12 

to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Submit headshot/contact info/brief description of why your child should be on the show to:


Friday, July 01 2016

New upcoming project “Summer of George!”

High School Students ages 15 to 17,  and young men and women, ages 18 to 25, ( that look young/high school “look”)

- ALL student types, from conservative to unique looks, and we especially need Asian and East Indian student types

Please note that all extras are paid, and must have a non-restricted Social Security Number in order to work on the film.

Filming starts June 20th (most student scenes take place June 20th thru July 1st in Atlanta)

ALSO NOTE: other casting types will be added/posted at a later time. Please only submit for the current types listed at this time

Submit headshot/resume/reel to casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 01 2016

Type: Reality TV

Do you and your partner love to flip or renovate houses? Do you have big personalities ready for television? If so, casting directors want to hear from you. For consideration, submit a brief bio about you and your experience, your location, any recent photos of you and your work, and why you and your partner would be a perfect fit for TV. Note: Must have experience in renovations/flipping. Send submissions to Casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 01 2016

Production for Black Panther started two years ago and centers around T’Challa aka Black Panther, who premiered in the latest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, which also filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Black Panther is “the new ruler of the advanced kingdom of Wakanda must defend his land from being torn apart by enemies from outside and inside country.” 

Black Panther will star Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and Ryan Coogler will direct. Black Panther will hit theaters on February 17, 2018.

Casting directors are now casting the following lead roles in the new Black Panther movie. 

  • N’GASSI – Adviser to T’Challa, acting regent when he goes away on missions.
  • OKOYE – One of the former Dora Milaje, a ceremonial betrothed/bodyguard of T’Challa. Okoye is of the J’Kuwali tribe and acted as a traditional, proper concomitant to the king, speaking only to the king and only in Hausa, an African dialect not widely spoken in Wakanda and thus affording the king and his wives a measure of privacy.
  • QUEEN DIVINE JUSTICE – The street-smart queen of the Jabari tribe of Wakanda raised in Chicago, and former Dora Milaje (ceremonial betrothed/bodyguard) of T’Challa. She originally went by the name Chanté Giovanni Brown.
  • W’KABI – T’Challa’s competent second-in-command, completely loyal to his liege.
  • ZURI – A grumpy and gigantic elderly warrior. A close friend of the late T’Chaka, and one of T’Challa’s most trusted advisers.
  • REVEREND ACHEBE – A poor farmer somewhere in South Africa, Achebe sold his soul to the demon Mephisto. He is portrayed as a grinning, unpredictable, lunatic, warrior-mystic, regularly talking to his hand-puppet Daki with delusions that it’s truly alive, and engineering complex plots of social unrest for profit or entertainment.
  • ERIK KILLMONGER – A powerful warrior and strategic genius in politics and economics.
  • MALICE – Wakandan Mutate with superhuman strength, speed, and agility. She is a former Dora Milaje (ceremonial betrothed/bodyguard) of T’Challa.
  • MAN-APE – Ruler of the Jabari Tribe a recognized micronation within Wakanda’s borders. M’Baku was Wakanda’s greatest warrior second only to the Black Panther. He plotted to usurp the throne with the help of the outlawed White Gorilla cult who were ancient rivals of the Black Panther cult, which basically made them heretics since Panther worship is the state religion. Founding member of the “Pan African Congress on the Treatment of Superhumans”.
  • WHITE WOLF – T’Challa’s adopted elder brother and the former leader of the Hatut Zeraze, the espionage elite police of Wakanda. Exiled by T’Challa, due to using torture and assassinations in his zeal to root out potential threats to national security.
Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 01 2016

BABY OIL ~PRINCIPLE CASTING~ NON-PAID GIG: Male, ages 12-14, who will have a small speaking role.

**Tentative Filming Dates are between July 9th-July 17th**

Caucasian male, ages 12-14 who is seemingly shy/to himself. Someone who reads as the “innocent-one,” but loves loves listening to music like Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd.

Those who fit the descriptions and are interested please  
e-mail Casting@gagetalent.com.
Subject Line: Wayne

The E-mail must include, two recent photos (head shot and body shot), age, height, weight, and wardrobe sizes, along with any prior acting experience.

**Please keep in mind this is not a paid gig, however it is great exposure! **


Friday, July 01 2016

A Chattanooga-owned retailer is seeking actors to portray a traditional family in a series of TV commercials. The ideal candidates would be a Mom and Dad, ages 40 – 45, with a boy and girl, ages 8 – 12. Adults are speaking roles. Everyone will receive compensation.

The entire group will be on-location for filming of cover shots, which will take approximately 6 hours. A second round of filming, no more than 2.5 hours, will follow for Mom and Dad in-studio delivering lines.

Head-shot and voice-over required with submission; video of delivering sales pitch would be a bonus. Submit to Casting@gagetalent.com.

All filming will take place in the Chattanooga, TN and North Georgia area.


Friday, July 01 2016

Actress, age 25-35, to play female lead. Basketball skills a huge plus.

Male age 30-35 for lead role in this comedy short. Will be shot in Rock Hill, SC. Will be a 2 day shoot. Dates to be determined. Experience only. Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com
Background actors (all ages and genders) will be needed as well for a one day shoot.


Friday, July 01 2016

Location: Atlanta,GA

Type: Film

Beauty & the Beholder” is an indie dark dramedy about a narcissistic plastic surgeon with a God complex trying to create the perfect woman. His desires to no longer be single may alter his warped philosophy when he has to choose between two women who represent each to the fullest.

Men and Women 25-60 years of age, all ethnicity welcome to apply.

Submitting professional looking talent and Model types.

Payment: Non Paid

Submit headshot/resume to casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 01 2016

One Night In South Beach

Casting talent for a short film. Shooting will begin this coming July 2016 (exact dates TBD) in Atlanta and greater Atlanta area. IMDB credits will be given.

The Short is Title One Night in South Beach and is a taboo subject about a love story gone completely wrong with a crazy twist! Will be working with some great talent such as wardrobe/stylist for Selena Gomez, James Franco, Adam Sandler, and Robert Duvall and more. The cinematographer has worked with Jlo, Diddy, and most recently did the Fifth Harmony video for Michelle Obama, and many more well-known Spanish Stars. Submitting true actors who are passionate about their art and worry less about looks and more so on talent and delivering. (if you look like the age range, feel free to submit as well, as long as you look the part is fine whether you look older or younger). All talent must be flexible. This is non paid, with the exception of two actors. 

Olivia (Main Character) : A woman in her early 20s (White or Latina) will have a sex scene (It is important to know this. Actor must be comfortable and just know that you will be in a room with professionals and will used pasties. Nothing will be shown except the back potentially. Will “Hollywood” the scene) this is just one scene, but her role will be bigger. I feel is important the actor knows this info. She is an easy going raised with good morals and a sucker for love type. 

Millie : Olivia’s best friend in her 20s, independent and outgoing and sassy. (Curly hair or red hair)

Ben : A “Playboy” good looking man in his 40s (White or Latino) and in shape (doesn’t need a six pack, but needs to be in shape also will have a sex scene nothing will be shown except the back). He is a successful man. 
Fabio: (18-25 any race) Flamboyant gay male.

Ingrid: Olivia’s Grandma (Age 45 -up). She is widowed and says it like it is. Very sassy. Will have an aging makeup artist if needed.

Teresa: (40s White or Latina brunette with a southern accent) A woman of faith with a past raising two kids on her own. Olivia’s mom.

Stripper: (18-25) Non speaking role. Non-nude stripper. Wardrobe will be provided

Agata: Hatian Women (or looks and acts Haitian preferred if is familiar with accent as well). She practices Santeria.

Bayou: (18-25 any race) A young man clean cut look.

Please email Casting@gagetalent.com with the following:

-1 Face Forward
-1 Medium Length
-1 Full Length / Full Body Shot
1. Legal Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email Address
4. Actual Age
5. Height
6. Weight
7. Top Size
8. Pant Size
9. Shoe Size

If selected, an email will be sent with script and location for auditions. Director is focusing more on the way actors deliver and stay true to their character and less of a pretty face. If you have not have previous worked on sets before, be prepared to work long hours and be professional. Thank you for your interest.


Friday, July 01 2016

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

Girls age 10-14 who can “DOUBLE DUTCH”! Paid positions- this is for an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”- shooting in Philly -either June 30 or July 1. Please send a photo, phone number and girl’s age to: Casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 01 2016

M & F, ages 65+ for commercial video shoot in RALEIGH, NC

Commercial video shoot to promote a local startup. Both roles include basic household activities.

Filming will take place in Raleigh, NC. Actors will be compensated on a day rate basis. 

Please submit a headshot and a reel that clearly displays your appearance and acting ability to Casting@gagetalent.com.

Please title your subject line: “65+ ACTOR SUBMISSION”


Friday, July 01 2016

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Video

Female host for a web video.

Location: Atlanta, GA
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 25-40
Look: Attractive, professional
Experience: Must be skilled at hosting and interviewing. A reel with some hosting footage would be VERY helpful.
Video Length: Approx. 2 minutes
Shoot Date: 7/7/16

Submit headshot/resume/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com


Friday, July 01 2016

 A GOOD SOLDIER, a 35mm Non-Union short student film to be shot in the Greater Richmond Area July 6th, 7th & 8th, 2016.  Night shoots will be a part of this production.

Shoot Dates: Wednesday, July 6th, Thursday, July 7th, Friday, July 8th, 2016
Audition Date: Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia
Each actor will receive a copy of the film upon completion.

Please Submit current headshot and resume to: Casting@gagetalent.com

Please indicate role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line as well as the following information: 
Union Status (Please note this is a non-union shoot):
Contact information
Shoot Date Availability:
Travel distance to Richmond:
Do you have local housing available: yes or no
(Depending upon role, lodging might be provided.)

Baghdad, Iraq, 2005.  Is it better to be a good soldier or a good man?


BROCK – Caucasian Male, early 20s.  Private First Class. Brock is an idealistic soldier from a military family.  Barely out of bootcamp and thrown in to patrols his first week in Baghdad.   A farm boy from Iowa, he is young and naive, spiritual and a loner.  An only child, who’s father’s death, 2 years ago, was the catalyst for joining up. BROCK is worried about his mother having to handle the farm on her own, but has a strong desire to do good and feels military service is his duty.  A stellar moral compass and strong values are not enough when thrown into the callous nature of war.  BROCK is realizing he might not fit in with the other soldiers.

Must be willing to appear shirtless, no visible tattoos.  3 days

MATT – Caucasian Male, mid-late 20s.  A two-tour veteran who enlisted soon after 9/11.  Pragmatic, rationalizing and cynical.  He has become desensitized to the violence around him.  Frustrated to be saddled on patrol with a newbie like BROCK.  At this point, he’s just trying to get home in one piece and realizes that might be a tall order.  Must be willing to appear shirtless.  3 days

BROCK’S MOM – Caucasian Female. 48-55yrs. Recently widowed after 30 years of marriage and remains grief stricken.  A very caring, loving, and moral woman whose circumstances have changed drastically.  Although she finds herself all alone on the farm in Iowa, she is able to get on with the daily work necessary to keep the farm running.  Devout and religious, she remains positive for her son BROCK’s sake, but misses him terribly and lives for their conversations. She is terrified for his safety and is only able to offer her homemade corn bread as comfort to him.  1 day

CAPTAIN GILLIS – Any Ethnicity Male, early-mid 30s.  Military-academy alum who comes from a storied military family.  Intelligent, weary, pessimistic.  A disillusioned idealist who loves the Army.  He takes his duty seriously and has a fatherly attitude towards his men, but doesn’t understand how the war has gotten in to the mess he is dealing with daily.  Basically BROCK 10 years down the road.     1 day

2 IRAQI CHILDREN – 8-12 years old.  These children will appear as dead bodies only.  Actors will not be required to perform any actions other than to remain still.  They are discovered shot dead, in a closet by BROCK and MATT.  The actors portraying these roles will be made up to look as though they have been shot multiple times.  All care will be taken to ensure they feel comfortable and safe.  Scene will be shot after 5pm.  1 day

OLD IRAQI MAN – 70+ years old.  Has lived in Baghdad his entire life.  Successful bread maker before the war.  Has lost all members of his family as a result of the war.  He now finds himself on his own and reduced to begging.  His bread cart is his last and most important possession, he will not let it out of his grip, no matter the struggle.  1 day


Friday, July 01 2016

“O’Death” Short Film

Short film, “O’Death.” Local Greenville/Spartanburg film, non-union, little pay. Must be local or willing to work as a local

GENE (Male/20-60): A terminally ill man granted one last chance to save his life. A well-intentioned, if not socially awkward, individual. Any race/age.

DEATH (Male/Any Age): The Grim Reaper himself. Being rather a bitter, sarcastic, down on his luck angel, Death wishes for a way out.

ANGEL OF DEATH (Any Gender/Age): Death’s boss. A happy-go-lucky yet condescending individual. In a previous life, he/she probably drove a Porshe.

Please email Headshots and Resumes to Casting@gagetalent.com, along with where you are from and what role you wish to audition for. Shoot dates are TBA


Friday, July 01 2016

Make sure you use the correct subject line(s) in your submission. Dates are listed with each role. Make sure you are available for the entire day for the role you are applying for. Submit headshot/reusme/reel to Casting@gagetalent.com. Films in Atlanta - must be local or willing to work as a local


Hispanic-looking males and females ages 18-30yrs to work this Thursday as spectators at a Step Show Performance. All shapes and sizes should apply.
Subject: HOLA
Works on Thursday, June 23rd

Caucasian males and females ages 18-30yrs to work as audience members at a Step Show Performance. All shapes and sizes should apply.
Subject: HELLO
Works on Thursday, June 23rd

Clean cut, fraternity-type guys or sorority-type girls and guys for a fun out of control COLLEGE PARTY!
Subject: PARTY! PARTY!!
Works on Friday, June 24th and July 1st

Male and female bookworm and studious types. You don’t have to look nerdy, but intellectual types are a plus! All ethnicities ages 18-27yrs.
Subject: SHHHH
Works on Saturday, June 25th

Clean-cut and together-looking college staffer. Any ethnicity, but should be between 22-27yrs.
Subject: STAFFER
Works on Saturday, June 25th

Male or female between the ages of 18-25 to portray a concessions worker on a college campus. Any ethnicity, shape or size. Please list any experience you have (if any) working in the food industry or concessions.
Subject: FRIES
Works on Saturday, June 25th

Male of any ethnicity over the age of 21 to portray a drunk patron at a strip club. No nudity in this scene, so don’t get too excited. Should be able to convincingly portray drunk on screen.
Works on Saturday, June 25th

Male over 6’0″ to portray a bouncer. Should be clean cut with a great muscley build. Please list any experience you may have as a bouncer, wrestler or bodyguard if you have any.
Subject: BOUNCER
Works on Saturday, June 25th

Males and females ages 18-40s of all shapes and sizes. Should have a blue-collar-type look.
Subject: STEAK
Works on Thursday, June 30th

Hipster-looking males and females ages 18-30s. All ethnicities will be considered. Dressing/looking hipster in your submission will help!
Subject: LATTE
Works on Thursday, June 30th

Male waiter with real life experience. Age 18-20s of any ethnicity. Please list your experience including locations and durations of where you were a server.
Subject: RAMEN
Works on Thursday, June 30th

African American male between the ages of 8-10yrs. Should be able to take direction and work well on set.
Subject: CEREAL
Works on Thursday, June 30th

African American female between the ages of 26-40yrs. Should have a ‘motherly-type’ look.
Subject: YOGURT
Works on Thursday, June 30th

Caucasian TWIN babies! Male or female. Should be under 12 months of age.
Subject: POP TARTS
Works on Friday, July 1st


Friday, July 01 2016

1 hour drama shooting in the Baltimore, MD area


Dates: Filming begins July 11th. Exact filming schedule TBA.

Please note shoot dates. Production cannot work around conflicts.

Baltimore and DC based actors or willing to work as a local.

[SOUTH CAROLINA CONGRESSMAN] – 45-60, male, Caucasian, congressman from South Carolina.
[REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN #2] – Late 30s – 50, male, Caucasian, Congressman from Georgia.
[REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN #3] – 40-55, male, Congressman from midwest.
[ROGER] – 28-35, male, open ethnicity, works in I.T.
[SNIPER] – 30-45, male, open ethnicity, militaristic, very good at his job
[DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN] – 40-60, male, open ethnicity
[FBI AGENT] – 35-45, male, open ethnicity, stationed in Tennessee, official
[VETERAN] – 35-38, female, from Virginia, proud
[OLD VETERAN] – 70s, male, from Virginia
[DIRECTOR MARKS] – 45-55, male, from North Carolina, FBI local director
[PROTESTER] – 20-25, male or female, open ethnicity, has strong convictions
[MAYOR MIKE AGOSTINO] – 50-60, male, mayor of NY
[BEN SELTZER] – 30-36, male, open ethnicity, intelligent, driven, political
[TV MODERATOR] – 38-50, male or female, open ethnicity, smart, articulate, political
[DRIVER] – 42-52, male, open ethnicity, drives government officials. MUST HAVE VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE AND KNOW HOW TO DRIVE.
[REPORTER] – 28-42, male or female, open ethnicity, professional. PLEASE NOTE ANY REAL REPORTING EXPERIENCE.

Please send your headshot and resume in PDF format to Casting@gagetalent.com ASAP.

Use the following SUBJECT HEADING for your submission email (personalized to YOU):

For example:
Jane Smith, PROTESTER, 501/502


408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Suite 100
Knoxville, TN 37923