#TeamGage Success

Gage Models & Talent represents and books successful models, actors, and industry pros. See what they have been up to lately:


Family Circle Magazine

Gage Talent's Kaelyn M was booked on a Ruby Tuesday ad that was printed in Family Circle magazine!

Homicide Hunters

Gage Talent's Frank H on his booking for the national tv show Homicide Hunters

Justice By Any Means

Gage Talent's Trey G on his booking for the national tv show Justice By All Means

National TV Show

Gage Talent's Jeff W is just one of the multiple Gage talent booked on a national tv show this week!

Ruby Tuesday Commercial

Gage Talent's Janessa M and Sarah M on set of their Ruby Tuesday commercial booking


Gage Talent's Addianne G for her Smilemakers booking!

Marc Nelson Denim

Gage Talent's Yotisha C for Marc Nelson denim!

Gatlinburg Tourism

Gage Talent's Skyler M, Mackenzie O, and McKinnley O for Gatlinburg Tourism!

Asheville Grit

Gage Talent's Emily P was featured in Asheville Grit for a holiday shopping article written by Gage Talent's Sarah M!

Daddy's Home

Gage Talent's Katelyn K on set of the new release "Daddy's Home" with Mark Wahlburg!

Go Girl Shoot

Gage Talent's Emily W and Leslie T booked a shoot for "Go Girl"

Children's Hospital

Gage Talent's Drake L for Children's Hospital

Acadia Healthcare

Gage Talent's Lottie Rae S and Joy W for their Acadia Healthcare booking

Lead Role in Short Film

Gage Talent's John H booked the lead role in a short film shooting in TX!

Lead Roles in Independent Film!

Gage Talent's Kyle B and Adam S landed the lead roles in an upcoming independent film!

Oxygen's Killer Couples

Gage Talent's Emily T is one of the many talent from Gage booked on this episode of Snapped Killer Couples that airs on Oxygen

Justice By All Means

Gage Talent's Frank H is one of the many Gage talent booked on this episode of Justice By All Means!

Swimwear Designer Shoot

Gage Talent's Emily M and Jewely P (Hair/MUA) for swimwear line Xen by Rachele. 

America's Got Talent

Gage Talent's Brian G landed an audition for America's Got Talent

Feature Film

Gage Talent's Lindsey S was booked on the 3rd film in the Divergent series!

Nylon Magazine Spread Audition

Gage Talent's Taneshia O, Alaina G and Leslie T were booked on an audition for a Nylon Magazine spread in Los Angeles!

Print Shoot

Gage Talent's Jennifer M, Christina F, and Lindsey S booked a print shoot for a large company!

Margaritaville Island Hotel

Gage Talent's Rick F, Stephanie W, Karrie C, Bruceann O, Dillon W, and Emily W were booked on a Margaritaville Island Hotel commercial/print shoot! 

A Christmas Story

Gage Talent's Nolan C in the production of "A Christmas Story"


Gage Talent's Greyson S is featured on the Smilemakers website from his recent booking! 

Old Forge Distillery

Gage Talent's Mykail V and Nathan S for their Old Forge Distillery booking!

Print Ad

Sneak peek of Gage Talent's Hana A and Brock S for a their booking on a John H Daniel photo shoot! Also watch for Gage Talent's Purvi P, Frank H, and Alexis S for their booking on the same print ad! 

Killer Couples

Gage Talent's Addianne G was one of many Gage talent booked on this episode of Snapped Killer Couples!

National TV Show

Gage Talent's Nisha M (featured in photo) was one of 14 Gage talent booked on a role on this episode of Snapped Killer Couples

Homicide Hunter

Gage Talent's Adam S and Frank H on an episode of Homicide Hunter!


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