#TeamGage Success

Gage Models & Talent represents and books successful models, actors, and industry pros. See what they have been up to lately:


Homicide Hunter

Gage Talent's Myranda M was booked on the national tv show Homicide Hunter!


Gage Talent's Sury R and Moustafa N were booked on the national tv show Snapped!

Fitness Ad

Gage Talent's Stephanie M, Carlton H, Mackenzie O, and Adam A were booked on a fitness product shoot in Chattanooga!

Talent Convention Success Video

Gage Talent's Payton T is just one of the many talent from Gage that have been featured in a talent convention's success video!


Gage Talent's Ivy R is one of the many Gage talent booked on this season of the new national tv show #KillerPost!

Snapped Killer Couples

Gage Talent's Colin K, McNally M, Kyle B, Kipper Q, Judd D, Emily T, Brittany T, Joy W, Declan P, Reagan W, Bentley R, Jeff W, and Wayne D all landed roles on the national tv show Snapped Killer Couples!

Murder Comes to Town

Gage Talent's Addianne G (pictured) and Owen G landed roles on the national tv show Murder Comes to Town

Eye Dr. Print Ad

Gage Talent's Jeff W and Beth H were booked on a print ad for an eye doctor!

Justice By Any Means

Gage Talent's Lindsey G is one of many Gage talent booked on this episode of Justice By Any Means!

Los Angeles Contract

Gage Talent's Jared L was offered a contract through Gage placement in Los Angeles!

Los Angeles Placement

Gage Talent's Sydney D was offered a contract with an agency in Los Angeles through Gage placement!

World Bride Magazine

Gage Talent's Taylor M was featured in World Bride Magazine!

National Print Ad

Gage Talent's Brock S, Jordyn G, Carson M, Rachel G, Braylyn R, Barrett A, and Alexis S booked a national print ad for a company in SC!


Gage Talent's Shannon G has landed another booking for JTV!

Fitness Shoot

Gage Talent's Yotisha C and Frank H on the set of their fitness product shoot booking

True Crime Docu Drama

Gage Talent's Silver M, Amanda K, and James B are just a few of the multiple talent booked on a national tv show this week!

Ted Russell Ford Commercial

Gage Talent's Tracy P, Dennis H, Nathan S, Kara M, Michelle H, Corey M, Jennifer M, Brian N, Leena L, Scenysa D, Merick M, Amanda K, Justin H, Jeff W, Kara Leigh J, Gregory B, Jennifer R, Leah W, and Stephen H were booked on a Ted Russell commercial!

Baby Product Shoot

Gage Talent's Shannon G booked a print ad for a baby product company!

Fitness Product Shoot

Gage Talent's Bing F and Shauna G were booked on a photo/video shoot for a fitness product!

Family Circle Magazine

Gage Talent's Kaelyn M was booked on a Ruby Tuesday ad that was printed in Family Circle magazine!

Homicide Hunters

Gage Talent's Frank H on his booking for the national tv show Homicide Hunters

Justice By Any Means

Gage Talent's Trey G on his booking for the national tv show Justice By All Means

National TV Show

Gage Talent's Jeff W is just one of the multiple Gage talent booked on a national tv show this week!

Ruby Tuesday Commercial

Gage Talent's Janessa M and Sarah M on set of their Ruby Tuesday commercial booking


Gage Talent's Addianne G for her Smilemakers booking!

Marc Nelson Denim

Gage Talent's Yotisha C for Marc Nelson denim!

Gatlinburg Tourism

Gage Talent's Skyler M, Mackenzie O, and McKinnley O for Gatlinburg Tourism!

Asheville Grit

Gage Talent's Emily P was featured in Asheville Grit for a holiday shopping article written by Gage Talent's Sarah M!

Daddy's Home

Gage Talent's Katelyn K on set of the new release "Daddy's Home" with Mark Wahlburg!

Go Girl Shoot

Gage Talent's Emily W and Leslie T booked a shoot for "Go Girl"


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